goals for the (second half of the) school year

When poking around my blogroll for blogs to comment on today, I found this challenge linked from Everybody is a Genius. I know it was meant for September, and I’m not in the classroom right now, but I want to think (and write) about teaching.

Day 1
Write your goals for the school year. Be as specific or abstract as you’d like to be!

This is for when I come back from maternity leave on February 1.

1) Figure out how to get my lesson planning and grading done efficiently so that when Parker is home from daycare, I can have quality time with him and my husband and get as much sleep as I can. The sleep deprivation has gotten better over the past 3.5 months, and I keep hearing how much better I’ll feel once I’m back to work, but I know I can’t sustain my old habits when I go back. I’ve resisted the idea of “good enough” because I used to think it meant “mediocre.” I have to reframe my mindset to have “good enough” actually mean “good” to me. I recently realized that I spent a ton of time researching daycares only to sign up for one of the first two we had looked into. Similarly, we booked the second wedding venue we’d looked at (after I’d gone nuts researching venues all over the state). I have to remember not to spend hours and hours on lessons based on the idea that “more effort = better.” If I like the lesson, I like it. And it’s okay to just move on.

2) Pass the NBCT Component 1 test for Mathematics – Adolescence and Young Adulthood (ages 14-18+).

3) Get back to my exploratory self instead of getting bogged down by IB. Try formative assessment student meetings, Plickers, Google Classroom, Kahoot, and math standards practice portfolios.

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