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    Goal #2: Student Achievement and IB Scores

    My goal for the class of 2013 is for 50% of my students that pursue the IB Math Studies Certificate or Diploma to receive a 4 or higher. Action Plan: I will regularly assign IB Math Studies practice problems. I will record student performance on practice problems at least twice a marking period. I will present my student’s work on these practice problems and a Math team meeting at least 2 times this school year in order to norm my assessment as well as receive feedback from the team. Thoughts on this goal and how I am tracking it?

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    Goal #1: Professional Practice and SBG

    Boston Public Schools has a new teacher evaluation system in which we have professional practice and student achievement goals. I developed this goal for my SBG professional practice after talking with my headmaster. Based on the philosophy that revision is an essential part of the learning process, my goal is for 50% of my students that receive a below a 3 out of 4 on a standard to correct their work, reassess the standard, and receive a 3 or higher. Action Plan: I will develop a process for students to revise their work. I will provide time for students to revise their work. I will track student requests for revision. I will…

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    Coffee Grading #3 – Starbucks (Davis Square)

    Website: http://www.starbucks.com Yelp Reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/starbucks-somerville-5 Location: In the heart of Davis Square, Starbucks is popular with Tufts undergrads, grad students, and Somervillians. It is one block from the Davis Square T. Street parking is reasonable (though the meters go until 8pm). Food and/or Drink: Come here for brewed coffee, reserve coffee (on the Clover), espresso drinks, seasonal espresso drinks, Frappuccinos, iced teas, breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, pastries, cake pops, snack boxes, Izze sodas, chocolate milk, cookies, and mixed nuts. My favorite drinks: iced unsweetened passion tea, iced green tea latte. If I go back on coffee, my favorite will be the Guatemala Santa Catalina Antigua reserve blend. If it’s cold outside: tall decaf pumpkin latte.…

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    first day reflections

    Even though the first week of school in BPS is only two days long (we start the Thursday after Labor Day), this one felt longer than a typical five-day week! We spent a lot of time preparing for the welcome back assembly, in meetings, and setting up the classroom. I also did a lot for after-school programs (scheduling, student recruitment, presentation for assembly, handouts, bulletin board, guest speakers from community organizations in advisory). I’m glad to be back in and in the school routine again though. Greet and Seat – I had my intern create the seating groups for each class since he’d gotten to know them in pre-practicum, then made…

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    First Day of School

    This year I am a grade team leader, so I have a reduced class load. I’m teaching all of the 12th grade (~50 students split into two sections) and two sections of 11th grade advisory. Last year I had three sections of 11th grade, one section of 12th grade, and two sections of 11th grade advisory. The combining of the three class of 2013 cohorts into two cohorts will be a little bit odd. The smaller class sizes (9, 17, and 19) were great. Having a maximum class size of 24 is not bad at all, but I’ll have to scrounge for two more tables and four more chairs before…

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    Coffee Grading #2 – iYo Cafe

    Website: http://www.iyocafe.com Yelp Reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/iyo-cafe-somerville Location: In the heart of Davis Square, iYo is popular with Tufts undergrads, grad students, and Somervillians. It is a few blocks from the Davis Square T. Street parking is reasonable (though the meters go until 8pm). Food and/or Drink: Come ready for self-serve froyo or waffles and toppings (priced by weight). There are twelve flavors of froyo on tap, and each set of two can be served as a twist. My favorite right now: sea salt caramel + original tart + strawberry topped with strawberries, kiwis, and blueberries with a tiny center of cookie dough, caramel and whipped cream. For those who adore candy toppings, there…

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    Sunday Funday

    My old roommate and I used to get the Sunday night blues. She’d be working on group projects or case studies for MBA classes and I would be cobbling together lesson plans, usually by reading through math blogs (Dan Meyer, Sam Shah, and Kate Nowak were my gateways to this fascination world of curriculum). We were constantly starting the work week already tired, growing even more tired as we looked forward to the weekend, then never fully resting on the weekends. I used to think I needed to work constantly to be the best teacher I could be, never taking the advice I so freely doled out to my students…


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