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    I have written about 20 recommendations this school year, so I thought I would share my “requestionnaire” for students. I ask them to answer these questions so that I can get to know them better and then write a more thorough recommendation. I have learned a lot more about my students through their requestionnaires! Recommendation Request – College At least three weeks before your application due date, please complete the following request. Email your answers to kristina.buenafe.jqus@gmail.com. Attach an updated copy of your resume. Make sure it includes school activities (sports, clubs, arts, etc.), awards (academic, athletic, fine & performing arts, community, etc.), and community organizations you are involved in.…

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    for the smile file

    I save nice notes from my current and former students in a “smile file.” I’m going to start adding tidbits such as this one as well. Several people came up to me after I “judged” a few startup pitches at the December EdTechup, and they complimented my insights and perspective (including the kind fellow from the above tweet). It was really nice to feel like a valued professional and to have my voice heard. Sometimes I forget how easy it is not to interact with other adults during the school year!

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    The Net really did come true

    Ordered pizza for my intern’s last day. I can track it as it gets made…so cool! To think, back in 1995 when Sandra Bullock ordered pizza in the movie The Net, we all scoffed and said it would never happen. I will definitely use Domino’s for pizza parties from now on. Ordering online is so much smoother than calling the pizza places down the street after reading their menus online.

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    Photo Credit: trailers.apple.com We started exponential functions today in IB Math Studies. The students attempted to guess the population of the U.S. and the population of the world. Surprisingly, most students guessed way over (about 2 billion). I showed them a clip of the Contagion movie trailer and had them write down the numbers spoken by Jude Law (so that they’d pay attention to the math rather than just the ominous nature of the movie), then see if the pattern matched up with his prediction of 1 billion deaths in 3 months, like in this MathsPig post. Some students asked “are you doing this to scare us away from bird…


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