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    Leonhard Dicta on the Human Condition in Professional Life

    From my boyfriend’s mom. So interesting when considering the leadership/administration aspect of teaching. Charles Leonhard was a central figure in the music education development of hundreds of teachers directly at the University of Illinois, and thousands by extension. He believed in Comprehensive Musicianship as a focus for teaching and learning. These dicta reflect his pragmatic view of professional work (and aren’t restricted to music education). 1. The human condition is dichotomous: • Good and evil • Confidence and insecurity • Charity and meanness • Altruism and selfishness • Humaneness and cruelty 2. The territorial imperative dominates people as well as cats. 3. When cornered, people react like tigers. 4. Every…

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    unexpected windfall

    I got an unexpected windfall this week–a $500 donation to my Adopt-a-Classroom site from the Kitchen Window Foundation! My students and I are so thankful for their generosity–when budgets keep getting tighter, teachers have to scramble for ways to do hands-on projects and incorporate technology into the classroom. The first thing I bought was a Jawbone Jambox. A colleague donated some computer speakers to me a few years ago, but they broke a few months ago. Thus, it’s been hard to show video clips to students during lessons. The Contagion clip that I showed during this lesson was so hard to understand. It’ll be easier to show 3Acts videos a…

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    LearnLaunch Conference

    I had an awesome time presenting and participating at the first-ever LearnLaunch conference this past weekend. Our panel’s focus was “targeting underserved populations to help them improve learning outcomes.” Our moderator was Melissa Dodd (CIO of Boston Public Schools) and my fellow panelists were John Maycock (Co-Founder and President of the Achievement Network) and John Werner (Managing Director and Chief Mobilizing Officer, Citizen Schools and Founder, TEDxBeaconStreet). I felt honored to sit on a panel with folks who have so much experience serving underserved populations…and enjoyed seeing their perspectives. It is easy to think only at the classroom-level and about the day-to-day issues in one’s schools, and to focus on…

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    let them eat cake

    The world is serendipitous. I ran into Hannah Lesk (grad student from HGSE who worked on Radix for a bit) at the LearnLaunch conference yesterday, and she gave me a cool idea for surface area and volume from Wayne Thiebaud’s Cakes. Now pondering my design of problems relating to icing, pricing, and packaging. I’m thinking of having them calculate the cost of icing all the cakes in the picture (based on surface area), and then figuring out how many cakes they could store in a school store pantry before selling them for prom fundraising (using the cake caddy). I’m also thinking of doing some pan conversions.


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