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    my favorite teacher shoes

    When I started teaching in September 2008, I prepared for the first day thinking that I needed a serious boss lady outfit to counteract my young appearance and first-year status. I found a black pencil skirt, an Ann Taylor top, and bought sassy black heels that made me four inches taller. ¬†Photo: www.maykool.com Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I lasted through the welcome assembly and promptly changed into the flats I’d worn to commute to and from school. Over the years, my style has relaxed while my teaching confidence has gone up. The first time I wore jeans to school, I felt like I was breaking the law…

  • musings

    on habits and putting oneself in students’ shoes

    I heard on a TED talk recently that if people write one happy thing that happened to them each day, then they start to get into a happier mindset, similarly to regular exercise making them physically stronger. I have been saying “I’ll post more on my blog in the summer because I’ll have so much free time!” yet haven’t followed up on it. I haven’t built up my blogging mindset at all. I’ve been thinking that a post should be extremely detailed, full of pictures, and full of links in order to be considered “real.” However, I should build consistency with smaller posts, much like I’m trying to build consistency…


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