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    things to be grateful for

    Inspired by Nicole Is Better: 1. Something your body can do Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that I need to lose 20 pounds to be a “real” bride at my upcoming wedding…like that’s par for the course these days. I look back over the past five years (and yes, 20 pounds), and I wouldn’t trade back the 20 pounds to have the same teaching/life situation that I had back then. Today I’m grateful that my body can run up and down stairs, carry in 48 sternos + 11 chafing trays + 6 two-liter bottles of sodas + 75 steam pans + napkins + tablecloths + disinfecting wipes,…

  • instruction

    info for my #edcamplesley math technology session

    I was not expecting to lead a session at this morning’s EdCamp at Lesley University, but am very glad that I did! EdCamp is an “unconference,” so it’s a lot more fluid and flexible than a typical conference, and sessions come out of a group brainstorm of topics that people are interested in or want to lead. When someone asked “are there any math teachers who can lead a session on teaching math with technology, I thought it would be fun to lead (especially since I just finished grading my “plan your dream vacation” project for financial math). I focused on three things–animation, travel project, and catapults–because my main goal…


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