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    international date line

    Facebook Status of friend living in Geneva, Switzerland When I used to wear a Timex Ironman watch set to 24-hour time, students would ask me “what’s 13:41?” when they saw it. I got a “fancy business lady” analog watch and soon forgot my European time and dates, even to the point that I messed up my International Baccalaureate Information System account when it kept asking me to enter the date…in the day/month/year format. I appreciated when a friend posted this status today…it’s good to think beyond our little world spheres!

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    night-into-day: dan dan noodles

    Some dresses are marketed as “day-into-night,” meaning that they’ll take you from work into an evening out if you add some pretty heels, lose the cardigan, and freshen up your makeup. Rather than plan my attire for dancing the night away, I’m looking for “night-into-day” dinner dishes that, when you add some tupperware, will take me into a 20-minute lunch break the next day. Salads that wilt or sandwiches that require the toaster oven need not apply. I saw dan dan noodles onĀ Little Miss Runshine‘s blog the other day and thought they would be a good night-into-day choice. I decided to soak the egg noodles and then cook them in…

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    gettin’ potlucky

    One of my fellow grade team leaders has started a First Friday Breakfast tradition to build camaraderie among staff. Bringing a potluck dish to our school is somewhat of an engineering challenge compared to bringing a potluck dish to a typical office building. Our teachers’ lounge has a small sink with lead in the water and no garbage disposal, a microwave, and a small toaster oven. We could be like our 8th graders at a potluck and bring things like Pop-Tarts and bagels, but those don’t fuel you for teaching the way a home-cooked breakfast can. My original idea was breakfast tacos or burritos, but the multiple components and make-to-order…

  • appetite

    weeknight dinner party: greek

    Last month we had our officiant over for dinner along with another Tufts professor and his wife. A few years ago I wouldn’t have attempted to throw a dinner party during the week, and I’ve been working on ways to be more efficient with my cooking so that dinner parties and school life can coexist peacefully. Pre-bought appetizers and two simple recipes from The Clothes Make the GirlĀ made it happen! Appetizers Lemon & garlic olives from Whole Foods Celery and carrots with Whole Foods peppadew dip and tzatziki sauce Main Deconstructed Gyro Salad Herb “Rice” Salad We prepared the lamb the night before in a dutch oven and reheated it…


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