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    I tried chia seed pudding for the first time at Juice in Boston. Chia seeds are a popular superfood–check out their benefits as outlined by Health Ambition [added 1/5/18]. Prior to my Juice experience, I’d been reluctant to try any seed other than “pumpkin” or “sunflower,” and definitely didn’t want to ingest anything that could grow one of my favorite ’80s fads. Juice’s take on the chia seed pudding made me eat my words–theirs includes cashew milk, agave, grey sea salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract and is topped with sliced strawberries. I tried making it a few times after that, but didn’t take it to work too much out of…

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    unruffling and reshuffling

    As I made my way through my inbox, unsubscribing from newsletters in my “toss/restore/organize” phase, I found this article via Behance and 99u.com. It was a lovely surprise among the “six weeks to your leanest body!” Women’s Health newsletters, “40% off bedding” Crate & Barrel ads, and “Wedding Dresses starting at $199!” David’s Bridal missives…and a “that moment when…you realize the crazy person in the article is YOU.” I’ve felt “crazy/busy” before and operated under the assumption that the more I was working, the better teacher I would be. I look back now and realize that my constant motion, harried tone, and rushing created a stressful atmosphere in my classroom…

  • productivity

    the play list

    My friend Rebecca posted this great article on Facebook the other day. I like this “play list” idea for my overarching resolution theme of: “use time meaningfully.” I have often overscheduled my calendar, even back when I used a paper planner. I wanted to fill every blank space with an activity so that I’d feel accomplished, and I didn’t realize that I should allow buffer time between activities and rest time for recharging. I still overestimate how much running or barre I can do. I schedule out a ton of workouts and then realize that I have to cancel them. “THE DARE Create a play list. Write down three activities…

  • instruction

    logic puzzles

    I gave my students this logic puzzle as a warmup today: The recent BrainBashers annual marathon has just taken place. The judges have given up keeping a track of who won, as the results go missing each year. Using the following spectators’ notes, can you determine who finished where? Terry Tipton finished after Lisa Limperton and Betty Brent, but before Michael Miller. Paul Peterson finished before David Dartford and Lisa Limperton. Simone Stevens finished after Paul Peterson and before Jane Jacks and Helen Hall. Kenny Kirkpatrick finished after Paul Peterson, Michael Miller and Terry Tipton. Lisa Limperton finished after Betty Brent and David Dartford, but before Jane Jacks and Michael Miller.…

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    happiness project: productive time at hip hop dance camp

    Part of my quest to cut down on mindless Facebooking and tv is to replace those activities with productive, meaningful ones such as reading, cooking, or trying new workouts. Zumba with Erica Bornstein has been one of my favorite workouts for a while…it is challenging and fun, so the hour-long class goes by fast! Erica also used to teach a Saturday vinyasa yoga class at soul.train right after her 10:30 Zumba class, but it is now replaced by Hip Hop Dance Camp (which combines hip hop dance with strength exercises). I was really glad that Jess and Denise both came to class today! We got there early in case the class would…

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    toss/restore/organize: the emails

    After seeing several Facebook friends posting about unroll.me, I gave it a shot. I’d already started using Scoop to gather all my subscription emails so I could have a cleaner inbox, but I ended up deleting most of them anyway (and sometimes missed important emails that got scooped). I’ve “unrolled” my main Gmail and my junk Gmail, and am now going through the newsletters that still somehow make it through to unsubscribe individually. It feels good to have a streamlined inbox!  

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    happiness project: it’s so hard to let go of the #FOMO

    @giseleofficial jumping on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall It being school vacation, I decided to cancel my 8:20 a.m. Pure Barre class in favor of sleeping in and making some French press coffee before the 10:40 a.m. class. Upon arrival, I ran into one of my favorite teachers at the front desk. She said “guess who you just missed?” I thought it was another Pure Barre buddy who had just left the 9:30 class, but no…it was supermodel Gisele Bundchen in the 8:20 a.m. class! I wondered immediately if it was already on Facebook (it is, posted by several lucky classgoers to the teacher’s timeline)…but it’s not like having Facebook on my…

  • productivity

    let’s knit

    Before my trip to China, Thailand, and Korea last summer, I asked my friend Josie to teach me how to knit. I wanted to She’s a self-taught knitter who can probably knit an awesome cowl during an episode of Scandal. She also teaches 8th graders, so I knew she’d have patience with me! We met at Gather Here in Cambridge to pick out some yarn and needles. I picked out some lovely pink and orange yarn and a pair of bamboo needles. We then sat down to knit at Dwelltime. Josie taught me how to cast on, then had me practice it several times while she watched and helped me correct my technique.…

  • productivity

    getting smarter with a “dumber” phone

    Though I can’t fathom going back to a life without turn-by-turn Google Maps navigation and text messaging, I do long for a life free of cell phone dependence. I started to think about this a few weeks ago, when I took my debate team out to BonChon for a tournament celebration. After the waiter took the order, every single kid but one took his/her phone out, playing games or texting. One kid even had a laptop out to play a game. I encouraged the students closest to me to converse (obviously we couldn’t have a 25-person conversation as an entire debate team) and felt like a 1990’s parent dealing with…


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