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    cilantro-lime tuna burgers

      This recipe for cilantro-lime tuna burgers turned out so well! Author: Megan Ware, RD Active prep time: 15 minutes, Refrigeration time: 30 minutes Makes 5 burgers [I ended up with six smaller ones] 1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro with stems removed 2 teaspoons lime zest [didn’t include this–didn’t have microplane] 1 tablespoon lime juice [used my lemon/lime squeezer for the first time and loved it] 5 green onions, diced (white and green parts) 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 teaspoon dried ginger or 1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger [used dried, but would have preferred fresh] 3 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce 1 tablespoon whole grain mustard [I used Maille whole…

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    Mexican tamale pies

    Erin at Gibble Me This recently posted Mexican tamale pies. The beans and polenta enticed me to try it too, especially since I’d recently come across a recipe for quinoa polenta. The day before making the Mexican tamale pies, I made double the quinoa polenta so that I could also use it for the quinoa BBQ polenta. I also made refried beans (with 4 cloves garlic, cumin, chili powder, chipotle powder, and cayenne pepper) overnight in the slow cooker and to use those beans before blending them with my immersion blender. Ingredients slow-cooker refried beans 1 15 oz can Muir Glen fire roasted diced tomatoes (no salt added) frozen Whole…

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    quinoa BBQ polenta

    I am loving this quinoa polenta by Straight Up Food. I originally found the recipe after liking Ancient Harvest quinoa polenta and wanting to make my own. I followed the recipe pretty closely, just making a few minor changes (using a mix of red quinoa and regular quinoa, omitting onion powder because I didn’t have any). I made the BBQ sauce in my Vitamix. I topped the quinoa polenta with mushrooms, red peppers, baby spinach, scallions, and shredded cheddar cheese. I partitioned the leftovers into two medium-sized tupperwares and added more black beans and spinach.

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    one reason to stay on Facebook: the *good* posts

    I made a big deal of removing the Facebook app from my phone, thinking that removing the impetus to check my newsfeed on the T, in line, or when bored would make me more productive. For the most part, this lifestyle change has helped me. I don’t get frustrated by reading the umpteenth Buzzfeed listicle, quiz, Upworthy post, or political rants from friends and acquaintance. However, I am glad that I haven’t deactivated completely, because there is still a lot of thought-provoking, share-worthy stuff out there. My friend Jon shared this amazing post by Sarah Blaine of Parenting the Core. I’ve already posted it on Facebook and tweeted it, but…

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    CrossFit Coolidge Corner

    Jess brought me as her +1 to a blogger class at CrossFit Coolidge Corner a few weeks ago. CrossFit Coolidge Corner is welcome addition to the Brookline fitness scene (which is already booming with Healthworks, Bodyscapes Fitness, several yoga studios, and now Pure Barre Brookline). Several friends, coworkers, and even students are huge fans of CrossFit, so I was eager to see if I too would catch the bug. Our class included four other attendees: Shelby from Paleo Princess RD, Shelby’s boyfriend Adam, Jen from Boston Bachelorette, and Jen’s friend Melissa. After an introduction by coaches Brett and Yosh, we got started with the workout. I was surprised to recognize lots…

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    cheddar scallion biscuits

    While on a plane this week, I had a biscuit with butter and strawberry jelly. The buttery biscuit inspired me to make these biscuits via Fifteen Spatulas. I doubled the recipe and saved a few by freezing them on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, then putting the frozen biscuits in a freezer bag. Yield: Makes 8 biscuits, using a 2-inch cutter [I made these while talking with a friend, so I forgot the biscuit cutter step. I don’t own one yet and would have used a glass. I ended up shaping them like drop biscuits and ended up with 12. Some biscuits were bigger than others.] Ingredients [what’s below is doubled]…

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    views from the college side

    My fiance and I often say that we are so compatible because we believe in the same values and have similar interests, but we are not too the same. For instance, if he were also a high school teacher or if I were a college professor, we would probably have driven each other crazy. There would be too much venting about mountains of grading / standardized testing or managing grad students / endless meetings. However, we can share about the realities of K-12 education and the challenges of developing educational technology and we both grow as educators by learning from each other. I’m so proud of all the amazing things…

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    what’s in a name?

    Personalized “Mrs.” Mug by CJayne Teach My students like consistency, whether it be the same seat in math class or the same Starbucks drink every morning. Some have even protested my upcoming post-marriage name change. I’m not alone; our former music teacher still got called her maiden name two years later and our awesome student support/advisory teacher/family outreach/generally wonderful person still gets called by hers twelve years later. The varied name nomenclature in schools interests me. In other Boston Public Schools, teachers are universally referred to by “miss” or “mister.” My elementary teacher friends in Virginia go by “Mrs. [Last Name]” whereas married female teachers in my current school go…

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    the best part of waking up

    …is a message on your cup. Not just your name scrawled in black Sharpie by a Starbucks barista (though the name mistakes can be funny) or America Runs on Dunkin, but a reminder to set a positive tone for the day. When I saw this cute mug on Etsy, memories of signing library book cards with a freshly sharpened number 2 pencil and pecking out “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” on a typewriter popped into my head. I thought, “this would make a great gift for teacher friends!” Mug by CJayneTeach After I read the message inscribed on the index card lines, I thought “yup, cute gift…and powerful message.”…

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    cookie dough cupcakes & bake sales

    Last week I made cookie dough cupcakes (inspired by my friend Jess) for a prom bake sale. This is now the third prom I’ve helped the students fundraise for. Over the years I’ve gotten much better at forecasting what kids & teachers might want to buy and how to streamline my baking efforts so that it doesn’t infringe upon my teaching. 1) Go Simple and Consumable. Last year, I made some “hot chocolate in a bag” that included Nestle Quik, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips after seeing a fellow BPS teacher selling them for Key Club. However, they did not sell well at all with my students. First,…


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