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    for your sweetie pi

    These Math-o-Grams by Desmos are adorable, interactive, and open-source. I would love to get students designing these. There’s so much potential to use different functions: – sin, cos, tan – arcsin, arccos, arctan – square root – domain restrictions – binomial multiplication – polar functions This would also be interesting fodder for an interdisciplinary project with one of our technology or art classes. I do love when students find joy in the success of figuring out problems, but I also love it when math is rooted in a real-life context or connected to another discipline.

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    five years later

    Saw this tweet from @JustinAion this morning and wish we could have longitudinal merit pay too! However, it’s not all about the money money money…I can’t put a price on the warm fuzzies that I get when I see how former students have blossomed. Six years after my student teaching of the class of ’09 at CCSC: – one student is a math teacher at a charter school in NYC – one student is preparing to take the math MTEL – one student is graduating from Wentworth next August with minors in Computer Science and Media Culture Communication and a certificate in Communication. She also keeps in touch and recently…

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    flywheel blogger class

    Today I attended a complimentary Flywheel Boston class for Boston Bloggers. I took a Flywheel class (60 minute Throwback Thursday with Melinda Sarkis) last month after hearing great things about Flywheel from several friends (including Jess) so I knew the details for check-in, equipment, bike, locker room, and water. However, I still got to the studio early to make sure I had ample time to settle in. Flywheel classes are so popular that the transition time when one class lets out and another is waiting to start can get a little hectic! I also wanted to get a chance to chat with other bloggers. Unlike events such as Cupcakes and Cocktails,…

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    cookie dough oreos

    Got the urge to bake, and this recipe from Oh Bite It! hit the spot. This evening turned out to be 1/3 baking, 1/3 bonding time with fiance, and 1/3 pondering math (we watched the latest episode of Are You The One? while mixing the cookie dough and removing filling from Oreo cookies). I tripled the recipe so that I could make cookie dough filling for 2 dozen cupcakes as well as plenty of cookie dough Oreos. Recipe: 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened to room temp. 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract (used Penzeys Double Strength Vanilla) 1 1/4 cup flour Dash of salt 4 tbsp. milk (may not need…

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    perfect match

    Ahh, math in real life…but what about math in *reality* life? Photo Credit: MTV Press MTV’s Are You The One? unwittingly poses a mix of the old game standby Mastermind, probability, and reality-show intrigue. Photo Credit: Wikipedia “If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it? In the most ambitious dating experiment ever attempted, that question will be answered as contestants compete in a series of challenges designed to test the intelligence of their heart. “Are You The One” begins by selecting 10 beautiful single women from across the US. Using the most extensive matchmaking process ever seen, 10 men will be found and…

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    ’cause i’m happy

    A few good things from today: A student commenting to me that she “wanted to stay in math class because doing the problems was fun.” A student catching on to the concept of finding probability of two dependent events more quickly than everyone else, but instead of goofing off as soon as he was done with the classwork, went around to help his friends. He even kept on helping in Resource Room (in which I invite kids to come work with me because I have a free period). He used actual dice and quarters from the classroom to help another student understand. Having focus and engagement *and* student success with…

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    empathize & understand

    I love finding insights about teaching and writing in the weirdest of places…and this time, the inspiration comes from twisted psychological thrillers! My coworker recently brought me as a guest to the Yankee Dental Congress’ Lunch with Author 2014 at the Seaport Hotel. We enjoyed a delicious lunch in a ballroom before a speech and Q&A by esteemed author Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl. In fact, just getting to eat for longer than 20 minutes with adults was almost a better treat than the chicken entree and apple tart. Grilled Chicken with Sweet Corn and Sundried Tomato Relish, Black Pepper Mashed Potatoes, and Roasted Tomatoes Apple Frangipane Tart, Salted…

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    more on body image

    My lesson for tomorrow is done (yay! tackling the most essential task is one of my favorite new habits of 2014). I’m relishing the accomplishment of finishing my first official CrossFit class earlier today and sipping a seltzer as I catch up on the emails and tweets of the past week. Two fascinating things from today: 1) Finding some thoughtful, empowering posts from @sophgermain. 2) Receiving the following poem from someone who was moved by my previous body image post. I appreciate it not only for its stunning capture of complex relationships and feelings but also for the very fact that it is poetry. I’ve gotten used to seeking out…

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    celebrate, don’t self-hate

    RoseRunner‘s race & speed workout times definitely qualify her as hardcore in my book, and I love her irreverent humor and willingness to speak her mind.  This blog post gives a refreshing perspective on racing in makeup, overnight relays, and runner holiday gift guides. This item about self-cutdown talk by runners resonated with me. 4) Qualifying Your Internet Running Opinion by Noting You are a Slow Runner. I am cool with talking about how slow you are relative to YOU. Like hey, I was faster before my injury, or hey, I feel way slower than normal lately. But one very common comment I get on this blog is one that starts…

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    apple-cherry crisp & the wisdom of mothers

    Heed the wisdom of your mother. When I was younger, I thought good cooking meant finding the fanciest recipe that required trips to three different grocery stores and multiple hours of prep. My mom, with her decades of cooking experience, espouses a simpler approach: have a few trademark recipes in your arsenal and then know how to use what you have in your kitchen and pantry to make a meal. I volunteered to make dessert for a Super Bowl party, and had originally envisioned making something like cookie dough cupcakes or chocolate mint brownies. However, I wanted to make sure that I completed my lesson plans for the next day…


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