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    One of my favorite Italian dishes is the ribollita at Il Latini in Florence. After seeing a ribollita pop up on my Instagram feed from The Fare Trade, I started to crave it. Luckily, lacinato kale (cavolo nero, used in ribollita) was in stock at Whole Foods and my fiance graciously helped me chop vegetables while we listened to How I Met Your Mother reruns. I found a lot of recipes (ranging from 101 Cookbooks to various Tuscan tourism organizations), and chose this one by Mark Bittman. My comments areĀ inĀ italics. INGREDIENTS 5 tablespoons olive oil 1 small onion, chopped 1 carrot, chopped [used 2] 1 celery stalk, chopped [used 2]…

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    March 25-31 NaBloPoMo Catchup + March THP

    Playing catchup today after staying home sick for a day and a half. I find myself repeating these patterns of “push too much” and “overschedule” and end up paying for it. I ended up not finishing the “post once a day for March” goal that I’d envisioned for my March Happiness Project goal, but I want to at least answer the questions (however short the answers may be). Tuesday, March 25, 2013 What is your favourite personality trait that you possess? Before this month, I would have said “creativity.” After reading a letter from my dad to my cousin’s son (who had asked about the traits that his children had…


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