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    estimation and surface area – painting the cannon

    Photo Credit: Channing Johnson (from our engagement shoot) Painting the cannon is the Tufts equivalent of painting Beta Bridge at UVA. Both structures may be painted only at night. Beta Bridge painting must include the message “THX BETA” (formerly “THX DU”), while the cannon must be guarded until sunrise to prevent others from painting over it. Here’s a math problem: how much paint and how many brushes to buy? how many undergrads or grad students from my fiance’s lab should we convince to paint and guard the cannon? Visual hint: I’m 5’2″ and he is 6’0″.

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    the work you do as a grownup

    From Real Simple’s 5 Things Every Intern Needs to Know: Q: Do I really need a college degree to do this? A: In fact, you do not need a college degree to do much of the work you will do as a “grownup.” However, you do need “life wisdom,” “E.Q.” and, depending on your job, the ability to sit still for extended periods of time—all skills you tend to hone while you are also going to college. How I wish we could better develop “life wisdom”, “E.Q.”, and the ability to sit still in our students. I’ve realized now what a lovely gift it is to have students who are…


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