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    students as teachers

    A belated post…catching up on my “to post” ideas about good things in the classroom. Back in April, I had students in one of my 12th grade IB Math Studies classes review for a calculus test by having groups teach various processes for finding stationary points. It was getting close to April break and IB exams, so student morale was pretty low. I circulated through the groups and observed their progress, interested to see how their presentations would reflect what they’d learned. One of the students did an amazing job breaking down the steps of finding maximum or minimum using the graphing calculator. He patiently and slowly explained each step, taking breaks to ask…

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    the proliferation of baby stuff

    Before giving birth, I’d thought I’d keep our registry to a minimum and only request diapers and books. In spite of these minimalist intentions, we ended up with enough Amazon Prime boxes to build a cardboard Fort Knox. The “one-click” ordering is way too easy to do, even while nursing! Looking back at the manic shopping, here are my thoughts on what’s worked for me. FYI, none of these are affiliate links. I hate when bloggers use those without disclosing and hate it even more when they try to disguise them using bit.ly. The Awesome: the stuff that I have found well worth the money and would recommend to new moms. 1)…

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    are you the one? part II

    Last year, I pondered the math in MTV’s Are You The One? and recently caught up on Season 3. The premise of the show is that ten guys and ten girls are put together in a house and given ten weeks to figure out their “perfect matches” (pre-determined by matchmakers). If all ten matches are found, the group splits $1 million. Each week, the group can send one couple to the truth booth to get a “yes or no” to whether that couple is a match. After that, there is a match-up ceremony in which either the guys or the girls (varies by week) are called up by the announcer to…

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    on habit formation: maternity blogging

    This morning I started pondering the ever-growing “to post” list of ideas I’ve captured via Evernote notes and iPhone pictures. I’ve gotten inspired by school happenings that I want to post to one good thing, by lessons that I want to review and refine, and by “math in real life” that I find intriguing…only to lose momentum when I get distracted by another lesson to plan, another set of papers to grade, or something else that I think needs more attention than the reflection and writing processes of blogging. In spite of realizing that maternity leave is definitely *not* a vacation, I’ve wanted to blog if only for the connection to teaching…


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