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    my favorite maternity leave activities

    When getting ready to start maternity leave, I created a Google Calendar called “Parker” and promptly filled it with every single potential support group or maternity leave activity that I heard about from friends, my pediatrician, and Mt. Auburn Hospital. For example, I had bookmarked this post (from exactly three years ago!) and thought that I needed to attend multiple activities every single day of the week. Though Parker behaved better and I felt a lot happier on outings, I soon realized that having a few consistent activities and room for flexibility worked the best for us. Class & Free Drop-In Groups Having spent most of my teaching life in very structured time…

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    DIY Galentine’s Day mug candles

    My husband and I don’t typically get into lavish Valentine’s Day gifts (for example, watching an iTunes-rented movie over takeout sushi from our favorite places is probably going to be the extent of it this year), but I like to make crafty Valentine’s Day projects for girlfriends and for school fundraisers. For example, I made hot cocoa mixes for a prom fundraiser sale a few years ago. I like to celebrate these occasions without breaking the bank, and was inspired to share my ideas after learning about Personal Capital. If you haven’t heard of them, you should look into their free tools to help with your finances. This year, my craft…

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    Atlas Coffee Club and Math Projects

    Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary sample of Atlas Coffee in exchange for my thoughts on the product. I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post. I’ve written about coffee math before and recently got inspired again after learning about Atlas Coffee Club. After my beginning of semester poll on “what would help you do better in math?” some of the students in my math enrichment class said “real-world projects!” I love doing those anyway, so I got to thinking about topics that are relevant to them. My first period 9th grade class doesn’t seem to have…

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    MTBoS Week 4: sharing a lesson

    It feels good to be back at school! Here’s my 9th grade math lesson from day 2 (the first day of Coordinate Geometry), for the two 47-minute sections. Day 1: 1-a Distance Formula 1) Name Graphs: Check off completion. [This assignment was to have students write their names on graph paper using only straight lines that begin and end at coordinate points on a grid.] Have 3 students draw a letter of their names on the board with points labeled. 2) Practice Quiet Coyote [my routine for getting attention–his ears are open but his mouth is shut] 3) Mini-Lesson: Distance Formula [taught using the 3 student examples] – Look at how to solve…

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    Super Bowl Recipe Exchange

    Though the Pats won’t be playing in Super Bowl 50 and we’ll have to be home by 6:00 p.m. for baby’s bedtime, I’m still excited for Super Bowl food! I’m participating in a Super Bowl Recipe Exchange with fellow food bloggers, who’ve created the following delicious recipes: Slow Cooker Pulled BBQ from Eat.Live.Blog White Bean & Chorizo Stew from LivinLemon Buffalo Chicken Empanadas from yours truly DIY Snack Stadium from Wife in Progress Homemade Pimento Cheese Stuffed Sliders from Aimee Broussard Taco Dip from Anchors and Bows Corn “Tamale” with Black Beans and more from Good Cook Doris Not only am I sharing with you these great recipes, but I…

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    first day of work

    I’ve been looking forward to (and sometimes dreading) my return to teaching after maternity leave. It’s so exciting to get that part of my identity back, but it feels like getting a new job after I’ve been spending so much time learning how to be a mom. Becoming a mom has strengthened and subtly changed my relationship with my own mom. For instance, she recently shared a story about how she left the Philippines to start work at the World Bank. The story was for her baby apo (how you say grandson in Tagalog), but it meant a lot to me too. She sent these two pictures from January 1971,…


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