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    LiveJournal throwback

    A- Age: 35 B- Biggest fear: Heights/falling or ghosts C- Current time: 2:46 p.m. D- Drink you last had: decaf soy latte from Nine Bar Espresso E- Every day starts with: the song “What Is Love” blaring from my iPhone alarm F- Favorite song: whatever parody we are making up for snoop’s lullabies G- Ghosts, are they real? yes H- Hometown: Arlington, Virginia I- In love with: husband and baby (aka snoop) J- Jealous of: teachers who have figured out how to leave the job at work and keep the worry out of home K- killed someone?: no, but why would I admit that in one of these surveys? L-…

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    on mother’s day

    While my students were working independently¬†in math enrichment recently, I overheard some non-math-sounding talk. Student 1: “I’m going to the mall later.” Student 2: “Oh what are you getting? I want to get her candy and earrings.” Student 3: “I can’t get Granny anything this year.” Student 1: “You just spent all your money on food!” Realizing that they were talking about Mother’s Day gifts, I thought about what I’d want now that I’m a new mom. Since you can’t box up “8 hours of continuous sleep a night + a magic genie that cleans the house while crafting impeccable lesson plans,” this is what I’d want: 1) Things that…


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