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    just do it

    It’s been so long since I was in half-marathon shape that I always assume that I’m not in it. Today I decided to check if I could do 9 miles. After I finished the first mile through Teele Square and along Rt. 16, that old running groove came back. It felt so nice to be back out there and to have broken through that mental block of “you can’t do it.” 14/30.

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    Barry’s Bootcamp

    Me and Jess with owner Brian Weller I attended my first Barry’s Bootcamp class last Saturday via a blogger subset of a class that was provided for us thanks to Jess @ Little Miss Runshine, along with Allie, Danielle, Jen, Katie, Semirah, and Whitney. Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the latest boutique studios to hit the Boston area. After the influx of barre studios and spin studios, there is likely going to be an influx of bootcamp studios! I love my neighborhood boutique studio soul.train fitness‘ tabata and boot camp classes, so I was already psyched to try this one. However, the prospect of doing sprinting intervals after a long hiatus…

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    CrossFit Coolidge Corner

    Jess brought me as her +1 to a blogger class at CrossFit Coolidge Corner a few weeks ago. CrossFit Coolidge Corner is welcome addition to the Brookline fitness scene (which is already booming with Healthworks, Bodyscapes Fitness, several yoga studios, and now Pure Barre Brookline). Several friends, coworkers, and even students are huge fans of CrossFit, so I was eager to see if I too would catch the bug. Our class included four other attendees: Shelby from Paleo Princess RD, Shelby’s boyfriend Adam, Jen from Boston Bachelorette, and Jen’s friend Melissa. After an introduction by coaches Brett and Yosh, we got started with the workout. I was surprised to recognize lots…

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    flywheel blogger class

    Today I attended a complimentary Flywheel Boston class for Boston Bloggers. I took a Flywheel class (60 minute Throwback Thursday with Melinda Sarkis) last month after hearing great things about Flywheel from several friends (including Jess) so I knew the details for check-in, equipment, bike, locker room, and water. However, I still got to the studio early to make sure I had ample time to settle in. Flywheel classes are so popular that the transition time when one class lets out and another is waiting to start can get a little hectic! I also wanted to get a chance to chat with other bloggers. Unlike events such as Cupcakes and Cocktails,…

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    celebrate, don’t self-hate

    RoseRunner‘s race & speed workout times definitely qualify her as hardcore in my book, and I love her irreverent humor and willingness to speak her mind.  This blog post gives a refreshing perspective on racing in makeup, overnight relays, and runner holiday gift guides. This item about self-cutdown talk by runners resonated with me. 4) Qualifying Your Internet Running Opinion by Noting You are a Slow Runner. I am cool with talking about how slow you are relative to YOU. Like hey, I was faster before my injury, or hey, I feel way slower than normal lately. But one very common comment I get on this blog is one that starts…

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    support a new yoga studio!

    Jenny Ravikumar, a fellow Boston blogger and yoga teacher, is fundraising to open a yoga studio in Middleton, MA. Her campaign includes donations to Yoga Reaches Out. Photo Credit: Jenny Ravikumar Support Jenny and her studio here!

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    happiness project: productive time at hip hop dance camp

    Part of my quest to cut down on mindless Facebooking and tv is to replace those activities with productive, meaningful ones such as reading, cooking, or trying new workouts. Zumba with Erica Bornstein has been one of my favorite workouts for a while…it is challenging and fun, so the hour-long class goes by fast! Erica also used to teach a Saturday vinyasa yoga class at soul.train right after her 10:30 Zumba class, but it is now replaced by Hip Hop Dance Camp (which combines hip hop dance with strength exercises). I was really glad that Jess and Denise both came to class today! We got there early in case the class would…

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    happiness project: it’s so hard to let go of the #FOMO

    @giseleofficial jumping on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall It being school vacation, I decided to cancel my 8:20 a.m. Pure Barre class in favor of sleeping in and making some French press coffee before the 10:40 a.m. class. Upon arrival, I ran into one of my favorite teachers at the front desk. She said “guess who you just missed?” I thought it was another Pure Barre buddy who had just left the 9:30 class, but no…it was supermodel Gisele Bundchen in the 8:20 a.m. class! I wondered immediately if it was already on Facebook (it is, posted by several lucky classgoers to the teacher’s timeline)…but it’s not like having Facebook on my…

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    why long run hosting is like lesson planning

    As a member of the Cambridge Running Club, I periodically host Saturday long runs from my place. Recently, a runner who hosted put out a call for tips for making better long run maps after he experienced the frustrations of translating MapMyRun into usable maps. That inspired me to write about how teaching translates to long run hosting. Runners (students) don’t necessarily need the flashiest long runs (lessons) to do well. I used to think that my long run routes had to go past the prettiest scenery, but this required more water stops and time-consuming mapping. After helping me host my first long run that went all over the City…


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