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    It’s been so long since I was in half-marathon shape that I always assume that I’m not in it. Today I decided to check if I could do 9 miles. After I finished the first mile through Teele Square and along Rt. 16, that old running groove came back. It felt so nice to be back out there and to have broken through that mental block of “you can’t do it.” 14/30.

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    random oddities from the week + the backpack problem

    Student Oddities From the Week Student: I want our school to have yellow hoodies. I’m already black! I want people to be able to see me. Student: You shouldn’t honeymoon in Africa. You really don’t know how to run fast from the lions. Student: When I have kids we’re going to play with LEGOs every month. And I’ll frame them so we can look at them. [after hearing that they are only allowed to have bottled water in the room for IB exams] Student 1: I need three bottles of water. Me: [Student 1] must be really thirsty. Me: [immediately realize the slang usage of “wanting someone really bad”] Students:…

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    March 25-31 NaBloPoMo Catchup + March THP

    Playing catchup today after staying home sick for a day and a half. I find myself repeating these patterns of “push too much” and “overschedule” and end up paying for it. I ended up not finishing the “post once a day for March” goal that I’d envisioned for my March Happiness Project goal, but I want to at least answer the questions (however short the answers may be). Tuesday, March 25, 2013 What is your favourite personality trait that you possess? Before this month, I would have said “creativity.” After reading a letter from my dad to my cousin’s son (who had asked about the traits that his children had…

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    March 24 NaBloPoMo – One Thing

    If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? My first thought was to change one of my physical qualities: to clear up my vision to 20/20, to sing like Ella Fitzgerald or Fiona Apple, or to run like Kara Goucher. Those potential qualities are lovely but wouldn’t pay off as much (unless I landed a recording contract or running sponsorship). Changing my devotion to the “shoulds” would pay off so much more. The “shoulds” involve social pressures and doing things for extrinsic motivation and the approval of others rather than for intrinsic rewards. I don’t like that the question almost implies that the “one thing” has…

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    March 21 NaBloPoMo – Doing More

    Do you do more for yourself or for others? More is not better. I am not a good multi-tasker. I prefer quiet workspaces and small groups. When I add more to my metaphorical activity plate, I get stressed but I hide it because I think that multi-tasking is what’s prized in the working world. I say I understand balance, but I don’t. In fact, when a coworker used to tell me “be kind to yourself” during times of stress, I would interpret “kindness” as being lazy and not upholding myself to my standards. I think this attitude comes from long-held subconscious equating of self-worth with extrinsic rewards: straight A’s, high…

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    March 20 NaBloPoMo – Know Yourself

    Benjamin Franklin said: “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Do you think you know yourself well? I used to think I did. The more I learn, the more I realize that I don’t know. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about teaching, about cooking, or about myself. You would think that we all know ourselves well, but I think that we all have blind spots that we are not aware of.

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    March 19 NaBloPoMo – Best Friend

    Would you say that you are your own best friend? No. Several of my posts for this NaBloPoMo challenge have examined conflict between the dueling natures of self. This one continues the theme. I can be strong and motivate myself to persevere through tough situations, yet I can easily spiral down into weakness, discouraging myself from finding the positive. I’m learning to be kinder to myself, but I can still be my own worst enemy.

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    March 18 NaBloPoMo – Confidence

    How would you rate your self-confidence? When is it at its lowest? When is it at its highest? If it were a function: 1) The first derivative would be positive. 2) Relative minima occur on days with lessons that don’t go as well as I hoped, bad races, or bad sleep. 3) Relative maxima occur on days with good lessons, unexpected surprises, or sufficient sleep. 4) Absolute minima and maxima happen with the life events that make me laugh and cry.

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    March 17 NaBloPoMo – Trust

    Who do you trust more: yourself or others? I used to rarely trust myself. Rather, I deferred to others because I assumed that they always knew better. In my first few years as a teacher, I always thought of myself as the newbie who resided at the bottom of the totem pole (even when I had useful ideas to contribute). Now I’m learning to trust my instincts and to get used to the ideas that others might trust me.

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    March 14 NaBloPoMo – Working Preferences

    Is it easier for you to work together with other people or to work alone? My natural inclination is to work alone. For lesson planning and the grade team leader or IB coordinator work that requires concentrated effort, I crave solitude. Give me a clean desk, a Design Love Fest wall paper on my desktop, a jazz Spotify playlist in my ears, some Uni-Ball Signo gel pens, and my Bullet Journal, and I’m golden. However, teaching and leadership experience have also improved my ability to delegate and to play well with others, particularly in the following areas. 1) Drawing Out Other People’s Strengths: As a kid, I could often be…


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