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    March 13 NaBloPoMo – Group Blog

    Have you ever been part of a group blog? Tell us about your experience. Before DailyMile, I wrote about my running experiences at New Sights Running with a group of friends from the D.C. area and one from Ohio. We included screenshots of our MapMyRun routes, described our race results, and shared reflections about our running. We coined the term blogidarity because we all ended up in different locations but still shared our common bond over running + blogging about it. I liked that we brought such different perspectives to the table. I also like looking over old posts and reminiscing about the 2009-2011 time in our running lives. I…

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    March 12 NaBloPoMo – Revealing Self

    Do you feel like you reveal too much of yourself on your blog? Do you think you hold back too much? When I was younger, I blended into my classes like a fly on the wall, never daring to make a peep. The idea of a five-minute presentation on New Zealand in the 6th grade had me praying that the school would burn down just so I wouldn’t have to give the presentation. I did end up giving it, but my poor note cards were mangled by my death grip and smudged from the sweat on my palms. In high school, I wrote an impassioned response to the book “Surely…

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    March 11 NaBloPoMo – ten years

    Do you think you’ll still be blogging 10 years from now? I hope so! Over the past ten years, I have started various blogs on Xanga, Blogspot, and WordPress, but none stuck until this one, and I think it’s because I’m now solidly confident in who I am. Going from 23 to 33, I got older but became younger at heart. I transitioned from consultant to teacher (and have now been a teacher for 50% more time than I was a consultant). I went from teacher to team leader + IB coordinator. I went from feeling like a little girl playing dressup in teacher clothes to comfortable in my teacher…

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    March 10 NaBloPoMo

    How has blogging changed your life? Tell us one thing that is different now than from before you started blogging. Though I started blogging partly to indulge my math-y side and become a better math teacher, the experience has helped me think about capturing stories. Even though I tried to fit the “science + tech” mold from a young age, I still have a strange creative streak and whimsical ideas. My favorite inspiration is my friend Melissa, who captures the stories of her family with humor, love, and enthusiasm. When we lived together in college, she entertained us all with her stories: fanciful tales of study abroad in Leiden, hilarious…

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    March 7 NaBloPoMo

    What have you learned about yourself through blogging? I have learned more about what it takes to get a habit to stick for me, whether it be blogging itself, cooking healthy food, lesson planning, spinning, or barre. 1) Going for the Small Wins: I have had the tendency to set way too many unrealistic goals. I thought that to blog, I needed ten beautiful pictures per 1000-word post. I didn’t realize that I needed to scaffold my blogging to develop a regular habit of writing. Similarly, I needed to set smaller goals for getting to barre (the time-based packages make me want to minimize the cost per class, which can…

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    february THP recap

    How’d I do? February 1) Spend two hours a week with my fiance away from electronics: – We didn’t take walks together. I’m okay with this because it’s been so cold and icy. We can always start our “walk to a Sunday night dinner spot” idea again in the spring. We did this once in the fall by walking to Menotomy Grill & Tavern in Arlington because we wanted a little exercise and a lot of time for us to talk while walking. – We worked on a Cake Pops puzzle while watching House of Cards Season 2 (does that count as electronics?) at the start of my February break.…

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    March 6 NaBloPoMo – best vs. worst self

    Does blogging bring out your best or worst self? A veteran teacher once told me that our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness. For example, my attention to detail and organization can be wonderful for setting up a classroom structure and learning environment, but can also keep me from being comfortable with uncertainty. Case in point: reconciling the way I have thought about teaching math with the way that our Theory of Knowledge (TOK) workshop teacher asked us to think for our pre-workshop homework. Our assignment: develop two activities using the new Ways of Knowing (faith, intuition, imagination, and memory) in our subject area. Upon reading that, I…

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    March 5 NaBloPoMo

    When or where do you feel most like yourself? 1) In my classroom, joking with kids and checking in on them like a mother hen. I’m now old enough to be their mother but oddly enough I feel like I can relate to / empathize with them more. I am not super tough and do not inspire fear with just a look. I used to think that was the goal, but now I am more focused on helping students let go of their fear of asking questions, of math, or of being themselves too. 2) In my kitchen, cooking with reruns of one of my favorite shows playing in the…

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    unexpected gifts

    One of my students came in yesterday and said “I brought you something.” I assumed it would be something like her math homework or a grapefruit. Out of her backpack popped a ball of purple yarn. She’s seen me knitting and heard me talking about my “Personal Project” before. Today I’m bringing her a pair of knitting needles. Perhaps we can knit together 🙂 And perhaps one day my classroom culture and knitting skills will enable me to knit amidst a focused, on-task bunch of students the way Sarcasymptote plays his ukelele.

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    March 4 NaBloPoMo

    How is your writing voice like you? How does your writing voice differ from you? On the second day of this NaBloPoMo project, I feel like a student who doesn’t know where to start on a Humanities journal prompt. I’m not used to such open-ended prompts for which I don’t have a specific answer in mind. However, I miss Humanities and writing for the sake of writing. I even miss writing in notebooks, when our choices were Mead vs. Five Star rather than Evernote vs. OneNote. I still remember fondly an assignment where we were to write as if we were Thoreau at Walden Pond. I took a cK One…


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