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    Babywearing is amazing for being able to get things done around the house while holding a (sleeping or awake) baby, for commuting on the bus or T, or for taking the baby on outings where a stroller would just be too bulky. I registered for the Ergo360 and infant insert, thinking that it would cover all my babywearing needs. I had to wait to use the Ergo until Parker weighed over 7 pounds, and was a bit nervous about using it at first, so I ended up trying a few wrap carriers around the house and then on short outings before trying soft structured carriers. I would tell expectant or…

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    on math, date nights, and yummy food

    My husband’s boss gave us the following sage advice for new parenthood: go on a date night once a week. I didn’t realize how important and effective that advice was until last night’s date night (our first since September 1st). We’d gotten into more of a parenting routine over the past three months, including getting out and about with the baby to events such as a Halloween party or to a sushi restaurant for my birthday. However, we were always “on.” Watching one kid used to seem theoretically easier to me than watching 29 at a time in the classroom. Now, teaching a packed classroom would feel like relief from the…

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    mom-meals: pulled chicken tacos

    The first few weeks of parenthood filled our trash can with almost as many takeout containers as dirty diapers. Now that we are getting back into cooking, I’m trying to make more meals that require as little active time (chopping, stirring, assembling) as possible. It’s been a gradual improvement from eating random things out of the fridge with one hand while holding Parker with the other arm to cooking pasta with him in the baby carrier, but I missed my old Sunday meal prep routine and the time it saved during the week. People have recommended Blue Apron as a way to make cooking easier. I think I’d feel more…

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    the proliferation of baby stuff

    Before giving birth, I’d thought I’d keep our registry to a minimum and only request diapers and books. In spite of these minimalist intentions, we ended up with enough Amazon Prime boxes to build a cardboard Fort Knox. The “one-click” ordering is way too easy to do, even while nursing! Looking back at the manic shopping, here are my thoughts on what’s worked for me. FYI, none of these are affiliate links. I hate when bloggers use those without disclosing and hate it even more when they try to disguise them using bit.ly. The Awesome: the stuff that I have found well worth the money and would recommend to new moms. 1)…


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