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    getting smarter with a “dumber” phone

    Though I can’t fathom going back to a life without turn-by-turn Google Maps navigation and text messaging, I do long for a life free of cell phone dependence. I started to think about this a few weeks ago, when I took my debate team out to BonChon for a tournament celebration. After the waiter took the order, every single kid but one took his/her phone out, playing games or texting. One kid even had a laptop out to play a game. I encouraged the students closest to me to converse (obviously we couldn’t have a 25-person conversation as an entire debate team) and felt like a 1990’s parent dealing with…

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    happiness project: january

    Right before the New Year, a friend posted on Facebook that she was looking to follow the Happiness Project month-by-month in 2014, and was looking for friends to do it with so that she could have a group with accountability and support. Both accountability & support probably would have gotten me to follow through with the Happiness Project in 2013, so I am really glad that it’s here in 2014! I am looking forward to this fresh start. I’ve been feeling a bit down and unproductive, especially with teaching & school leadership. I read a lot of teacher blogs to learn new lesson ideas and improve my own teaching, and…

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    just do it

    Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project has a “one minute rule” – she must do any task that can be finished in one minute. This morning I decided to start enacting that rule by organizing our spare bag cabinet. It felt good to have neatly arranged paper bags, reusable bags, and plastic bags instead of the overstuffed mess that had popped out at me when I went to get a bag for recycling. I have also decided to do this with birthday cards. A friend recently pointed out that he received 99 Facebook messages and 1 paper birthday card. In general, I do not wish people happy birthday on Facebook, and I…


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