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    Parents’ Night Out at Trade

    In the past 13 months of motherhood, nights out have become a scarce commodity. When Leah invited me to a Parents’ Night Out at Trade, I jumped at the chance to enjoy delicious food and drinks with Dave, Debbie, Leah (and her daughter), Kim, Kimberly, Nancy, Phyllis, and Sharon. Bonus: no one threw their food on the floor, shrieked at the top of their lungs, or played peekaboo–though a toy fish did appear in one of the beverages! Being out so late (7:30) on a school night made me feel like I did in the days before teaching and motherhood! So did the lively conversation, which was as full of sassiness as…

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    Beta Burger

    Some pregnant women crave odd combinations like pickles and ice cream. Because my regular food choices already included combinations like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, I expected that I’d either be eating completely wacky foods or completely bland foods. My biggest pregnancy craving fell somewhere in the middle: for burgers. During my second trimester, I took a special education licensure course at Madison Park High School. That burger pregnancy craving got triggered by Beta Burger’s “opening summer 2015” sign every time I went to the neighboring Dunkin Donuts before class, so I was psyched to get invited to try out Beta Burger this past weekend! Customization + Technology = Beta…

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    the eater 38 essential boston restaurants

    Pondering these for Sunday night dinners. Proud of Somerville for having so many on the list! 1. Highland Kitchen* 2. Giulia 3. Journeyman 4. Bronywn 5. Casa B 6. Dali 7. Bergamot 8. Rino’s 9. Trina’s Starlite Lounge* 10. Rialto 11. East by Northeast* 12. Santarpio’s Pizza 13. Oleana* 14. Bondir* 15. Hungry Mother 16. West Bridge 17. Strip-T’s 18. Rendezvous* 19. Craigie on Main 20. Neptune Oyster* 21. jm Curley 22. Troquet 23. Taiwan Cafe 24. O Ya 25. Shanghai Gate 26. Island Creek Oyster Bar 27. Asta 28. L’Espalier 29. Erbaluce 30. Shojo 31. Sportello* 32. Menton 33. Hamersley’s Bistro 34. Myers + Chang 35. The Gallows 36.…

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    Last night we went out to Sarma with my old roommate Chitra who was in town from San Francisco. She and I often bonded over our “Sunday night blues” (her: med school, me: lesson planning). It’s now wonderful to bond over Sunday night dinner. I’m digging the Sunday night dinner lately. Like many other teachers on Friday nights, I want to curl up on the couch in a fuzzy blanket and go to sleep early. Sometimes it’s hard to snag a dinner reservation at hip new places like Sarma (the newest venture from Ana Sortun of Oleana and Sofra). Most of all, I like the Sunday night dinner as a relaxing…

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    Toraya Sushi Moriawase

    One perk of not yet being in school is the opportunity to explore new lunch places during the workweek. During the school year, if I didn’t bring lunch, I stuck to takeout within a half mile radius and never after 11:50 a.m. Flour (chopped Greek salad or BLT) and Berkeley Perk Cafe (California tuna melt) were my go-tos. I do love those places dearly, but I jumped at the chance to go to Toraya in Arlington this afternoon with my sister. I also ventured out of my comfort zone to try the sushi moriawase (the chef’s selection of whatever is fresh that day). I’ve wondered about it at other sushi…


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