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    Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins

    The last time I came to the Woodstock, Vermont area was to run the 2010 Covered Bridges Half Marathon. My husband Ethan has also run this race several times (before it started to sell out within minutes), making it a racecation with a big group from Cambridge Running Club (CRC). Seven years later, we both came back with a big CRC group. But instead of chasing half marathon PR’s, we all chased our kids around Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins in nearby Hartland, Vermont. The CRC connection continues: Fat Sheep Farm was founded by Todd, one of our oldest CRC friends, and his fiancee Suzy. Both of them live there…

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    iPhone Data Analysis

    Got inspired by the MTBoS when I saw a tweet from Tina: I need to do histograms, box plots and frequency tables. I’d like to use interesting data. I like this from IM: https://t.co/TTAzzKbKzI — Tina Cardone 🏳️‍🌈 (@crstn85) May 19, 2017 It made me think of an activity that I did for data analysis this year, focusing on the statement of inquiry: “How quantities are represented can establish underlying trends or relationships in a population.” We had learned measures of central tendency, stem-and-leaf plots, box plots, bar graphs, and histograms, so I was curious how they would apply these types of data analysis when given this statement of inquiry.…

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    LiveJournal throwback

    A- Age: 35 B- Biggest fear: Heights/falling or ghosts C- Current time: 2:46 p.m. D- Drink you last had: decaf soy latte from Nine Bar Espresso E- Every day starts with: the song “What Is Love” blaring from my iPhone alarm F- Favorite song: whatever parody we are making up for snoop’s lullabies G- Ghosts, are they real? yes H- Hometown: Arlington, Virginia I- In love with: husband and baby (aka snoop) J- Jealous of: teachers who have figured out how to leave the job at work and keep the worry out of home K- killed someone?: no, but why would I admit that in one of these surveys? L-…

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    DIY Galentine’s Day mug candles

    My husband and I don’t typically get into lavish Valentine’s Day gifts (for example, watching an iTunes-rented movie over takeout sushi from our favorite places is probably going to be the extent of it this year), but I like to make crafty Valentine’s Day projects for girlfriends and for school fundraisers. For example, I made hot cocoa mixes for a prom fundraiser sale a few years ago. I like to celebrate these occasions without breaking the bank, and was inspired to share my ideas after learning about Personal Capital. If you haven’t heard of them, you should look into their free tools to help with your finances. This year, my craft…

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    on habit formation: maternity blogging

    This morning I started pondering the ever-growing “to post” list of ideas I’ve captured via Evernote notes and iPhone pictures. I’ve gotten inspired by school happenings that I want to post to one good thing, by lessons that I want to review and refine, and by “math in real life” that I find intriguing…only to lose momentum when I get distracted by another lesson to plan, another set of papers to grade, or something else that I think needs more attention than the reflection and writing processes of blogging. In spite of realizing that maternity leave is definitely *not* a vacation, I’ve wanted to blog if only for the connection to teaching…

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    road trip essentials

    Today’s post is inspired by the Turo (formerly Relay Rides) Road Trip Essentials Campaign. My road trips are usually short and sweet (just like me)–for navigation, hydration, feeding sugar cravings, entertainment, and comfort! 1. Rand McNally road atlas (for when you don’t get cell service) 2. bkr water bottle 3. Trader Joe’s Gummy Penguins with Soft Tummies 4. Haribo Gummi Bears 5. Spotify playlists 6. Scunci hair ties 7. Sunski sunglasses

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    Personal Project

    Our Personal Project Showcase today went great. I love that we celebrate the pursuit of learning in this way, and am so proud of our students. One of our alumni was there and commented that she wished they’d gotten a chance to do Personal Projects as 10th graders. 18/30.


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