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    things to remember

    Dear Self, Put “look at this post” in your calendar for May 1, 2015. 1) May is *always* crazy when you are IB coordinating and organizing prom and organizing graduation. Seriously, plan some unscheduled time this month. 2) Summer’s coming! 16/30.

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    Last night I went to go see our school’s spring theatre show (two one-act plays). It’s awesome to see how our school celebrates the arts rather than pushing them aside to prep for better MCAS scores or rankings in U.S. News & World Report. It makes me think that I probably won’t even look at that type of ranking when picking a school for my own child. I love that one theatre teacher posed a math problem to the audience afterward: can you guess how many individually painted blue squares there were in The Girl Who Refused to Turn Blue? 13/30.

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    the manshower

    My fiance’s work did a wedding party (or “manshower”) for us tonight. Part of it was a Trivial Pursuit game in which each table had to come up with answers to trivia questions about us. We found the trivia worksheets scattered on the tables afterwards. Here are a few: Geography – What town was he born in? Ethan wasn’t born, he was gifted to the world – How old was Ethan the first time he left New Hampshire? Trick question, he hasn’t left. History – What would Ethan’s name have been if he had been born female? Surprisingly, the same. – What were his first words? So can you get…

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    overachieve @ TEDxTJHSST

    TEDx is “designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences. At TEDx events, a screening of TED Talks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TED Talks videos — sparks deep conversation and connections at the local level. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, under a free license granted by TED.” I had a great time speaking at Overachieve: TEDxTJHSST last Friday at my alma mater. It was an honor to be selected, and I am so grateful that I could share my experiences and ideas with TJ students. Below is the written version of my talk (the actual…

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    rules for requests

    Cyrus Stoller’s Rules for Requests are these: If you need something to be done in: 30 minutes: call two hours: text today: IM a day or later: email Teacher schedules don’t fit that. I’d like to propose an adapted set of rules for teachers, which will totally depend on the teacher’s attachment to his/her cell phone and quickness to respond to emails. For example: I usually wear dresses when teaching, so I don’t keep my cell phone nearby at all times. However, I have more opportunities to check email because my leadership responsibilities allow for a reduced teaching load and more planning periods (most of which are taken up by…

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    Camille Albane

    Last Wednesday, I went to Camille Albane salon on Newbury Street for #BloggerBeauty, a makeup + hair party provided for Blog and Tweet Boston. Fellow attendees included Amanda, Amy, Emily, Jane, Janelle, Jen, Jessica, Jilian, Katherine, Kelsey, Morgan, Trianna, Victoria, and Whitney. Friendly staff members welcomed us and told us about the history of Camille Albane’s Newbury Street location, which opened last April, and the overall brand history (including its relationship to Dessange). In spite of the impressive salon pedigree, the staff and the atmosphere were both down-to-earth. We chatted more over sparkling water, espresso, macarons, cheese, crackers, bread, and olives while groups of bloggers were taken to the hairstyling…

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    March 5 NaBloPoMo

    When or where do you feel most like yourself? 1) In my classroom, joking with kids and checking in on them like a mother hen. I’m now old enough to be their mother but oddly enough I feel like I can relate to / empathize with them more. I am not super tough and do not inspire fear with just a look. I used to think that was the goal, but now I am more focused on helping students let go of their fear of asking questions, of math, or of being themselves too. 2) In my kitchen, cooking with reruns of one of my favorite shows playing in the…

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    around the world in 21 days

    We are working on a financial math unit in IB Math Studies. Some students have balked at things like currency exchange (ironically, even those who want to be business majors). I wanted to do some kind of shopping project, but as my sister pointed out, when a website detects your IP address, it’ll often just do the currency conversion for you. So I went a-googlin’ for some currency conversion projects and found some travel ones for consumer math. I added in a requirement to fly to three different countries, purchase those flights on a credit card and pay them off, take out foreign currency from Travelex, and then spend that…


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