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Challenges…Old and New

I’m back!

Though I didn’t post about them after mid-January, I did make many more recipes and hosted a few more gatherings in 2012. “Appetite” fell by the wayside because I had gotten caught up in perfectionist mode (didn’t want to post recipes without lots of commentary and pictures) and because I put so much into “Instruction.” In spite of the lack of documentation, I found myself getting better at cooking on the fly rather than following recipes. Similarly, my lesson planning began to mirror my cooking. I got much more comfortable with adjusting the lessons to the students rather than trying to follow a plan to the T.

My goal of 12 dinner parties and 52 recipes will now happen over a year…but this time it will be a school year! As summer draws to a close, I’m starting to gear up for the start of school–drafting syllabi, planning classroom routines, and creating unit plans–and want to balance the relaxed feeling of summer with the revved-up feeling of back-to-school. My friend Jess is doing a 30 day yoga challenge, so I am joining in! I think this will be a great way to stay calm through September.

My plan:

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