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Coffee Grading #2 – iYo Cafe

Yelp Reviews:

Location: In the heart of Davis Square, iYo is popular with Tufts undergrads, grad students, and Somervillians. It is a few blocks from the Davis Square T. Street parking is reasonable (though the meters go until 8pm).

Food and/or Drink: Come ready for self-serve froyo or waffles and toppings (priced by weight). There are twelve flavors of froyo on tap, and each set of two can be served as a twist. My favorite right now: sea salt caramel + original tart + strawberry topped with strawberries, kiwis, and blueberries with a tiny center of cookie dough, caramel and whipped cream. For those who adore candy toppings, there are a ton. I have not yet tried the waffles but they look just as delicious as any brunch place can offer. The coffee and espresso are by Barrington and there are MEM teas. Other beverages include chai tea, milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, San Pellegrino,and Spindrift sodas. There is a small array of baked goods.

Table Space: The front tables are small and circular. These are best for socialization and not work because of lack of table surface area and outlets. Lesson planning or grading goes much better on the rectangular tables along the wall. These tables have outlets (on the bench seats). Two people with laptops coexist comfortably on one of the rectangular tables. If working with a group of 3+, combine two or more rectangular tables.

Ease of Finding a Seat: It is fairly easy to find a rectangular table except during the Tufts undergrad froyo rush times. The turnover is pretty quick though.

Atmosphere: There is free wifi. The music varies a lot (it’s based on staff iPods and iPhones). Clientele can get loud and squawky, but there’s enough quiet time that it all balances out. The AC is cranked high in the summer and the lights sometimes get dim. One wall is exposed brick, and there’s track lighting and cool looking spherical pendant lamps. The two bathrooms in the back are decent.

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