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Fotor0126132534 Photo Credits: Epoch Times (Starubucks cup and beans), Old Bisbee Roasters

My fiance recently got a new office, so we decided to do some of our Sunday work here instead of Bourbon Coffee Shop. The spacious kitchen features a Latte Lounge machine that serves up coffee, hot chocolate, lattes, mochaccinos, and cappuccinos for $0.50 each. That’s much cheaper than the $1.87 12 oz coffees at the Brown & Brew coffee shop above his old office.

He asked me “how much cheaper is the French press coffee we make at home?” Here’s how much will $30 pay for when drinking 2 cups of coffee per day (on a per-person basis).

Starbucks Tall Coffee (12 oz): Since I don’t make daily stops anymore, I don’t actually know, but will estimate $2.00 based on this for a morning coffee run and an afternoon one. $30/($2.00 * 2 coffees) = 7 days

Brown & Brew 12 oz Coffee: $30/($1.87 * 2 coffees) = 8 days

Latte Lounge 12 oz Coffee: $30/($0.50 * 2 coffees) = 30 days

The last time I bought Old Bisbee Roasters was 12/2/13 and it arrived about a week later. That 2 pound purchase lasted until Friday, January 24 (so about a month and a half for 2 people – or 90 days for 1 person).

So that’s one way to approach it…I think I will pose this question to my students (completely open-ended though, with no guidance for problem-solving heuristics).

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