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I keep a small Lucite box of Russell+Hazel Quips + Queries cards to use as hall passes or notes for students. I know that scrap paper would do just fine, but I enjoy the little luxury that makes me feel like a 1900’s lady handing out her calling cards when visiting the neighbors.

My students like writing on the cards too…reminders to save them the red cow sticker for their next skill mastery (yes, puffy animal stickers can still motivate the most macho of wrestlers), reminders to “laugh and sing Sexy and I Know It” so I won’t be stressed out, and reminders about who reigns supreme as my favorite student.

I find myself supremely lucky for being unable to pick just one from all my little chickens. There is so much to love in each of them. Sometimes I try to articulate the qualities of these favorites, and I think Fawn Nguyen puts it best.

“A kid who wants to think, is not afraid to struggle, laughs easily, cares more about learning than grades (has parents who believe the same), shows kindness.”
Fawn Nguyen

Celebrate that kid. If only grades could accurately measure how much that kid is worth…

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