february THP recap

How’d I do?


1) Spend two hours a week with my fiance away from electronics:
– We didn’t take walks together. I’m okay with this because it’s been so cold and icy. We can always start our “walk to a Sunday night dinner spot” idea again in the spring. We did this once in the fall by walking to Menotomy Grill & Tavern in Arlington because we wanted a little exercise and a lot of time for us to talk while walking.
– We worked on a Cake Pops puzzle while watching House of Cards Season 2 (does that count as electronics?) at the start of my February break.
– We went to Mexico for a few days during February break. However, we did check social media and email…tsk tsk.
– In spite of the electronics creeping in, I am happy that we were more mindful of quality time.

2) Give up expecting people to change (within reason) to lessen anger and resentment, and create a more loving atmosphere (inspired by the last line of the chapter).
– I got much better at being patient with my students and with myself (which ironically just made me more patient with students). I have thought more


Go to sleep earlier
– Not doing this so well. I’m still using the sleep mask but I’ve gotten tempted to read emails and check Instagram before going to sleep and right after waking up.
– I still check the Jawbone Up data.

Exercise better
– I’m still happy with using the Jawbone Up to track my steps and to remind myself to move more (via the “idle for 15 minutes” buzz).
– I stopped logging in MyFitnessPal but I still weigh myself with Withings and try to log at least what I’m eating rather than enter in a ton of different ingredients into MyFitnessPal for every meal. That habit doesn’t feel sustainable to me. I do well when I make a meal plan for the week, grocery shop on Sundays, and prepare enough so that I can sustain a cooking habit throughout the week. However, as work has become busier and I have gone out more to eat at blogger events, I have let my cooking habits lag and I’m feeling crappier as a result.
– I have started going to spin classes more and love them!

Toss, restore, organize
– I got rid of some books by donating them to Whole Foods.
– My laundry and cooking and preparing routines are still generally good, but with lapses. I don’t like not feeling organized.

Tackle a nagging task
– Loving the Bullet Journal now! I carry it in my purse and like its simplicity. I’m still using Evernote to collect ideas.
– Though I vowed to focus on not going on personal email or gchat until I finished the lesson plan for the next day, I still need to jumpstart this habit and get it back to where I want it to be.
– I feel like my to-do list is out of control, so I have to refocus on planning out each day and the most important tasks at the beginning.

Act more energetic
– I’m happy with this. Teaching and leading are both going better. I feel more patient and like I am able to do more with less.

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