five years later

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Saw this tweet from @JustinAion this morning and wish we could have longitudinal merit pay too!

However, it’s not all about the money money money…I can’t put a price on the warm fuzzies that I get when I see how former students have blossomed.

Six years after my student teaching of the class of ’09 at CCSC:
– one student is a math teacher at a charter school in NYC
– one student is preparing to take the math MTEL
– one student is graduating from Wentworth next August with minors in Computer Science and Media Culture Communication and a certificate in Communication. She also keeps in touch and recently said “”I was going through some old school work recently and found the projects I did with you and Ms. Daniels. I learned so much form those.  Of course I will also be remember Pie Day next month as well!”
– one student is helping out at JQUS via the Higher Education Resource Center

Five years after my first year teaching the class of ’09 at JQUS:
– one student is a math teacher at JQUS
– one student is a 1st grade special education teacher at an elementary school in Jamaica Plain
– one student (whom I didn’t teach but has been involved with mentoring debate) will be graduating from Boston College in December and hopes to teach music and coach debate for JQUS

Looking forward to adding more to the smile file!


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