Goal #1: Professional Practice and SBG

Boston Public Schools has a new teacher evaluation system in which we have professional practice and student achievement goals. I developed this goal for my SBG professional practice after talking with my headmaster.

Based on the philosophy that revision is an essential part of the learning process, my goal is for 50% of my students that receive a below a 3 out of 4 on a standard to correct their work, reassess the standard, and receive a 3 or higher.

Action Plan:

  • I will develop a process for students to revise their work.
  • I will provide time for students to revise their work.
  • I will track student requests for revision.
  • I will maintain an accurate gradebook of students’ scores on standards as well as their reassessments.
  • I will share these practices will the Math Team or the 11-12 Grade Team.

Any thoughts on this goal and how to track progress?

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