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happiness project: it’s so hard to let go of the #FOMO

giselejump @giseleofficial jumping on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall

It being school vacation, I decided to cancel my 8:20 a.m. Pure Barre class in favor of sleeping in and making some French press coffee before the 10:40 a.m. class. Upon arrival, I ran into one of my favorite teachers at the front desk. She said “guess who you just missed?” I thought it was another Pure Barre buddy who had just left the 9:30 class, but no…it was supermodel Gisele Bundchen in the 8:20 a.m. class!

I wondered immediately if it was already on Facebook (it is, posted by several lucky classgoers to the teacher’s timeline)…but it’s not like having Facebook on my phone would have gotten me any closer to the supermodeliciousness that is Gisele.

I will be hauling my behind to Pure Barre tomorrow in hopes of a celebrity spotting!

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