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I like making metaphors. Today my metaphor is “Chicago is the Washington Redskins of education.” The Redskins have languished since their heyday in the early 1990s (with the exception of a few playoff years and the wonderful existence of RGIII) but in general, their acquisitions of the “next big star who is supposed to bring the Skins back to their former glory” have flopped. Chicago is pulling a major Dan Snyder by replacing 50 closed public schools with charters staffed by TFA. That’s a quick fix alright…but at what long-term cost to the community, the learning, and the new TFA staff who would likely burn out and never stay in education?

“TFA has become the handmaiden of the privatization movement. Without TFA’s ready supply of eager and inexperienced young college graduates, willing to work long hours without a union and with meager wages, it would be impossible to expand these private-sector schools at such a rapid clip.” Handmaiden of Privatization sounds eerily right…TFA sure is exemplifying that “up or out after two years” strategy consulting model, but with much more meager wages.



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