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I’ve started giving students more IB exam problems so that they’ll be familiar with the problem format, wording, and content. I recently gave them a sequences and series one as a Do Now after they’d finished the unit. I told them to pretend as if it was a quiz so that they (and I) could see where they would stack up in a real IB problem situation. Similarly, I did not circulate to answer any questions (even clarifying ones), since I wanted to see if students would have any issues interpreting the directions.

My intern created a representative set of responses for us to bring to math team meeting, where I shared it with the 6th-11th grade math teachers. We are going to be sharing student work and IB rubrics over the coming year so that we are familiar with all levels of the curriculum.  We all graded the student work and shared how we graded. We had a hard time deciding how tough to be as graders on some of them!

Student #1

Student #2

Student #3

Student #4

According to the markscheme, how would you grade the four students?


  • Marshall

    Student 1: 4. Full credit for (a) and (b), mainly because of the seen work under the box. Nothing for part c.

    Student 2: 0. No evidence what-so-ever that this student knows how to handle arithmetic sequences. Tough call when you get to parts (b) and (c), because there is a little evidence that they know what to do with the geometric, but the rubric in part 2 is pretty explicit about needing to see both terms.

    Student 3: 0. They can’t get the method mark in part (a) and they can’t get the answer mark either. Not enough for anything else either.

    Student 4: 6. Although part (b) isn’t simplified, I believe IB graders would still give this student full marks, especially since part (c) was completely correct.

  • Frances

    Hello. Hope you can help me . I am working in an IBO school here in Egypt.
    We are setting up a new report card rubric system. Could you point me in the right direction as to where I can get help doing this ??.

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