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I was not expecting to lead a session at this morning’s EdCamp at Lesley University, but am very glad that I did! EdCamp is an “unconference,” so it’s a lot more fluid and flexible than a typical conference, and sessions come out of a group brainstorm of topics that people are interested in or want to lead. When someone asked “are there any math teachers who can lead a session on teaching math with technology, I thought it would be fun to lead (especially since I just finished grading my “plan your dream vacation” project for financial math). I focused on three things–animation, travel project, and catapults–because my main goal with technology in math is to get students to express their ideas and demonstrate topic mastery with open-ended projects.

Stop Motion Animation via iCreate to Educate
Project Handout
Project Rubric
Example Videos

Around the World in 21 Days
Project Handout
Example 1
Example 2
– extension: interdisciplinary with foreign language
– extension: look at different scenarios of budget payoff, credit cards

Candy Catapults
Project Handout

These are from me and the other presenters.

Angry Birds in GeoGebra – have used this in class before–kinda fun way to apply quadratic equations.
Radix Endeavor – Massive Multiplayer Online Game for biology and math. I worked with a team of math and science teachers to provide a teacher perspective on the content and implementation.
GeoGebra (free)
Sketchpad ($)
– Earth
– Sketchup
Phet – Simulations –
Math Bloggers: #MTBoS Math Twitter Blogosphere (where I get a lot of ideas and feedback)

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