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Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project has a “one minute rule” – she must do any task that can be finished in one minute. This morning I decided to start enacting that rule by organizing our spare bag cabinet. It felt good to have neatly arranged paper bags, reusable bags, and plastic bags instead of the overstuffed mess that had popped out at me when I went to get a bag for recycling.

I have also decided to do this with birthday cards. A friend recently pointed out that he received 99 Facebook messages and 1 paper birthday card. In general, I do not wish people happy birthday on Facebook, and I want to start a new habit of sending real birthday cards. However, by not keeping track of the birthdays (and Facebook would help tremendously with this) or preparing cards ahead of time, I often end up just sending a text or calling the person.

This will be the year of real cards. I started marking my collection of cards with post-its that say names and when to send, and affixing return address labels to their envelopes. Bam!

The next task: find the awesome cards I ordered from The Oatmeal because some would be great for my September birthday friends…they must be lurking somewhere in this house.

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