Lululemon FunRun

It’s not just for Wunder Unders…Lululemon Prudential has a weekly run club!


Yesterday I went to Lululemon Run Club with my friend Jess. I was so nervous on the way over from work. I hadn’t run with other people in a really long time, and feared that no one would want to run with me at 9:30-10:30/mile pace or that I’d feel awkward trying to make new friends on the run. I decided not to fuss about pace at all and abandoned RunKeeper (aka a “naked” run), and relaxed as Jess and I set off with the group. We ended up running a 3.55 mile loop at conversational pace (from Prudential Mall to Fairfield St to the river to Longfellow Bridge, down Memorial Drive to the Mass Ave Bridge and back to the mall via Boylston St. I found out later that we did it in about 37 minutes (10:18 pace)…will have to fight the urge to obsessively collect data in spite of my math teacher tendencies.

After the run we congregated at Back Bay Social Club for conversation and appetizers. The duck sliders and meat candy were a delicious…precursor to some Pinkberry (my favorite is key lime yogurt topped with blueberries, kiwis, and mangos) afterward!

I’m looking forward to trying out other run clubs (e.g., Athleta, City Sports, Lululemon Newbury) in the area as the weather gets nicer!


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