March 10 NaBloPoMo

How has blogging changed your life? Tell us one thing that is different now than from before you started blogging.

Though I started blogging partly to indulge my math-y side and become a better math teacher, the experience has helped me think about capturing stories. Even though I tried to fit the “science + tech” mold from a young age, I still have a strange creative streak and whimsical ideas. My favorite inspiration is my friend Melissa, who captures the stories of her family with humor, love, and enthusiasm. When we lived together in college, she entertained us all with her stories: fanciful tales of study abroad in Leiden, hilarious parental anecdotes (the wormy will live forever), and her interpretive reading of the latest Cosmo magazine. I used to think more in the mindset of capturing lessons, perhaps out of fear that I’d forget everything I’d learned from teaching a certain lesson or project. I used to think more about documenting my cooking experiences so I’d seem more “real” as a blogger. Melissa’s stories are inspiring me to elaborate more on the stories behind the lessons, the recipes, and my family. In a way, blogging is taking me back to a time when imagination ran free of 140-character limits and we didn’t mute our own voices to fit what we thought a writer [blogger] should sound like.


  • Melissa

    So well said. I have found that my best blogs are ones that I write as a method of recording my life. Not as a way of trying to teach someone else. Record your life and your voice as though you were regaling your children with tales off times past. In simply putting past experiences to “paper” you are giving the opportunity for others to learn from your life. I love you for all the support and encouragement that you give me. Thanks for being such a positive person on my life!!

    • Kristina

      Aww thanks! That is a great way to approach blogging with an authentic voice and the effect of giving an opportunity to learn. And likewise to you…even though we are 450 miles apart and are far beyond the years of problem sets, American Idol, and college life we still have that ho-nection 🙂

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