March 11 NaBloPoMo – ten years

Do you think you’ll still be blogging 10 years from now?

I hope so! Over the past ten years, I have started various blogs on Xanga, Blogspot, and WordPress, but none stuck until this one, and I think it’s because I’m now solidly confident in who I am. Going from 23 to 33, I got older but became younger at heart. I transitioned from consultant to teacher (and have now been a teacher for 50% more time than I was a consultant). I went from teacher to team leader + IB coordinator. I went from feeling like a little girl playing dressup in teacher clothes to comfortable in my teacher skin. I got faster at running, then slower at running. I ran four marathons, two in a tutu (*before* tutus jumped the shark, I might add). I discovered spinning and barre. I learned how to follow fancy recipes from Food Network, then learned how to cook like my mom (maximizing ingredients on hand and minimizing time spent cooking). I hope the next ten years will bring exciting developments with family, teaching, and life…and that I will still be telling stories about it all.

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