March 3 NaBloPoMo – interesting things

Tell us five interesting things about yourself.

1) In high school, six friends and I all jokingly made a bet that the last one of us to get married would win $500.

2) I’d like my winnings* in $2 bills. That is my favorite type of U.S. currency, just barely beating the Susan B. Anthony dollar.
*One got engaged after me but got married pretty soon after, so I still technically win.

3) My siblings and I are all exactly three years apart in age from November 4 to January 9.

4) I’ve done four marathons (MCM ’05 and ’08, Boston ’09 and ’11).

5) I have made it past the elusive five-year mark for teaching math in an urban school. However, math was not my favorite subject in high school. Humanities always was.

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