my cookbook “reading list” #1

In college, I rarely highlighted or wrote in my textbooks. I always felt like it was wrong to mark them up even though I didn’t have to return them like I did in high school. I liked the clean feel of the pages. However, this habit doesn’t facilitate my cooking out of the cookbook collection which I’ve amassed over the years. I’ve tended to look up recipes online rather than risk marring clean, glossy cookbook pages with errant spills. This year, one of my “appetite” goals is to cook more from my cookbook collection. I skimmed a bunch to pick out three to try. I figure this initial list will help kickstart that habit and lend the task a bit more accountability.

*Note: I went through all of my cookbooks and picked out three…but accidentally published an older draft that I started yesterday. That’ll teach me to not hit “save draft” in that type of situation again. I’m not re-doing the post because there are lessons to be planned and grocery shopping to be done. I’ll still blog them though.

*Edit: helpful tip from my friend Wendy – “I write in all of mine! I make note of different proportions I use, or if something took longer or shorter to cook than the book said, etc. Or sometimes notes of what I want to try (e.g., add raisins, switch oil for applesauce).”

Chloe’s Kitchen
My sister-in-law recommended this to me, and I bought a copy on Amazon after I checked it out from the Boston Public Library. Most of the recipes seem reasonable and interesting.
– BBQ Pineapple Pizza p. 97
– Avocado Pesto Pasta p. 125
– Avocado Shiitake Sushi p. 16

Super Natural Every Day
I’ve been reading the 101 Cookbooks blog for a while and bought this book on impulse at the Harvard Bookstore. I love that Heidi’s cooking incorporates a lot of interesting vegetables and spices.
– Chanterelle Tacos p. 93
– Little Quinoa Patties p. 121
– Green Lentil Soup p. 149

Raising the Salad Bar
– White Bean and Asparagus Salad p. 180
– Leafy Green and Vegetable Salad with Lemon-Tahini Dressing p. 39
– Arugula and Avocado Salad with Shaved Parmesan p. 41

Giada’s Kitchen
My sister gave this to me for Christmas a few years ago. I like Giada’s show and tend to get inspired to cook after watching it.
– Cantaloupe, Red Onion, and Walnut Salad p. 72
– Lamb Ragu with Mint p. 144
– Spicy Calamari Stew with Garlic Toasts p. 48

Make It Paleo
I know it’s odd that I have a vegan cookbook and Paleo cookbook on the same list. I bought this after Nom Nom Paleo recommended it on her blog. I don’t follow the Paleo diet anymore but still like a lot of the recipes.
– Roasted Baby Carrots p. 336
– Butter Garlic Wings p. 118
– Chicken and Vegetable “Lo Mein” p. 204

The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook
I love Jaden Hair’s sassy blog–she serves up awesome Asian food with a side of hilarity. My friend Kristen gave me this book for Christmas a few years ago as well.
– Korean Jap Chae Noodles with Beef p. 135
– Three Pea Stir Fry p. 119
– Thai Coconut Chicken Curry p. 103

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