my favorite teacher shoes

When I started teaching in September 2008, I prepared for the first day thinking that I needed a serious boss lady outfit to counteract my young appearance and first-year status. I found a black pencil skirt, an Ann Taylor top, and bought sassy black heels that made me four inches taller.



Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I lasted through the welcome assembly and promptly changed into the flats I’d worn to commute to and from school.

Over the years, my style has relaxed while my teaching confidence has gone up. The first time I wore jeans to school, I felt like I was breaking the law after five years of operating under the leftover “jeans are for after work only” mindset. The suits from my consulting days have mostly gone to Goodwill, and my compulsion to augment my height has yielded to my compulsion for comfort. I am happy to announce that I have found the holy grail: the J. Crew Cece. It’s a comfortable, durable flat that accommodates a narrow heel and wide forefoot. The early 2000s’ pointy-toe fashion and my wearing of too-narrow heels back in the consulting days wrecked my feet and have made even shopping for flats more complicated than it should be.


I own these in four colors. Bonus for teachers: J. Crew offers a 15% discount when you show your teacher ID.

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