One Good Thing

After one cool discovery on Facebook tonight, now there’s one on Twitter–the One Good Thing blog. I’m digging the positivity, and the idea that “every day may not be good, but there is one good thing in every day.” It’s inspiring for building good habits and becoming happier. Last September, I had every intention of blogging regularly, but didn’t do it because I felt that I needed “big” posts. I also wish I’d tracked more happy moments for the smile file. I feel like that builds up mental immunity against succumbing to the “misery loves company” attitude that can start to thrive in teachers’ lounges and around the hallways.

Though school doesn’t start until September 4, here’s my one good thing for August 21: a student who I had not expected to go to debate camp signed up for JV. At the beginning of the summer, only one of my debaters had signed up and the others didn’t show much interest or already had commitments. I had hoped for our students to get more involved in the debate league. Our school was one of the first five schools to join back in 2006, but I feel like we’ve gotten overshadowed by a lot of other school since in spite of our strong core of 10th graders. Seeing that the student had signed up was a nice surprise, especially because he started last year off as a shy, quiet novice. I hope that experiencing debate with other BPS students and tackling the evidence before the season starts will be really empowering for him!

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