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    iPhone Data Analysis

    Got inspired by the MTBoS when I saw a tweet from Tina: I need to do histograms, box plots and frequency tables. I’d like to use interesting data. I like this from IM: https://t.co/TTAzzKbKzI — Tina Cardone 🏳️‍🌈 (@crstn85) May 19, 2017 It made me think of an activity that I did for data analysis this year, focusing on the statement of inquiry: “How quantities are represented can establish underlying trends or relationships in a population.” We had learned measures of central tendency, stem-and-leaf plots, box plots, bar graphs, and histograms, so I was curious how they would apply these types of data analysis when given this statement of inquiry.…

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    what is the “right” way?

    Today a friend emailed this math problem to me. What *is* the “right” way for math anyway? Is technology inherently less “right” than algebra? Solving it graphically by Desmos (or by TI-84) still solves the problem, but maybe that doesn’t feel as elegant or satisfying. I did want to share the joy of Desmos (since my non-math teacher peers aged mid- to late-thirties did not grow up with it), so I sent the following screenshot (before I eventually solved it algebraically). The response: “Ha ha, neat toy. Since I forgot all the tricks to resolve mixes of square roots and variables, I looked at it as, it must be an integer since…

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    on this day

    As much as I dislike Facebook, I do find value in the “On this Day” feature. From April 21, 2011, I wrote this note. Six years later, 3) through 6) are still so important for teaching (and now parenting). Six years later, we have Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Workplace, ClassDojo, Khan Academy and countless other technologies that increase our ability to access content or transmit content to our colleagues or students. Six years later, we have Amazon PrimeNow to get whatever baby product we need within two hours. We have similar access to “wisdom” via countless online mommy/baby forums, sleep consultants, and ScaryMommy/Pregnant Chicken-esque blogs. We can also transmit our content in those…

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    A Day in the Life

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how to better balance work and life so that teaching is sustainable for the long haul. Balancing the demands of parenting a toddler with the demands of teaching and IB coordinating has made year 9 of teaching much more challenging than the first few years. I have often told my senior students to make the most of college because “you will have the most free time you have ever experienced in your life, and that will be a blessing and a curse.” I wish I’d learned that lesson about teaching, because until my “free” time got cut by about 80%, I didn’t realize how…

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    Cambridge Fall Classic 5K with Fit Flock

    Last Sunday, I ran the Cambridge Fall Classic 5K with the Fit Flock team of chefs and bloggers.The Fit Flock is a joint effort between the American Lamb Board and BostonChefs.com to celebrate lamb as a nutritional and flavorful protein option. Fit Flock provided us with race bibs, shirts, a team tent, and an after-party at the Smoke Shop. The Cambridge Fall Classic is part of a seasonal 5K series along with the Winter Classic, Spring Classic, and Summer Classic. It follows the same course as the An Ras Mor 5K and is easy to get to by T (Red Line to Central Square) or by car (because Cambridge parking permits aren’t…

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    Parents’ Night Out at Trade

    In the past 13 months of motherhood, nights out have become a scarce commodity. When Leah invited me to a Parents’ Night Out at Trade, I jumped at the chance to enjoy delicious food and drinks with Dave, Debbie, Leah (and her daughter), Kim, Kimberly, Nancy, Phyllis, and Sharon. Bonus: no one threw their food on the floor, shrieked at the top of their lungs, or played peekaboo–though a toy fish did appear in one of the beverages! Being out so late (7:30) on a school night made me feel like I did in the days before teaching and motherhood! So did the lively conversation, which was as full of sassiness as…

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    LiveJournal throwback

    A- Age: 35 B- Biggest fear: Heights/falling or ghosts C- Current time: 2:46 p.m. D- Drink you last had: decaf soy latte from Nine Bar Espresso E- Every day starts with: the song “What Is Love” blaring from my iPhone alarm F- Favorite song: whatever parody we are making up for snoop’s lullabies G- Ghosts, are they real? yes H- Hometown: Arlington, Virginia I- In love with: husband and baby (aka snoop) J- Jealous of: teachers who have figured out how to leave the job at work and keep the worry out of home K- killed someone?: no, but why would I admit that in one of these surveys? L-…

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    on mother’s day

    While my students were working independently in math enrichment recently, I overheard some non-math-sounding talk. Student 1: “I’m going to the mall later.” Student 2: “Oh what are you getting? I want to get her candy and earrings.” Student 3: “I can’t get Granny anything this year.” Student 1: “You just spent all your money on food!” Realizing that they were talking about Mother’s Day gifts, I thought about what I’d want now that I’m a new mom. Since you can’t box up “8 hours of continuous sleep a night + a magic genie that cleans the house while crafting impeccable lesson plans,” this is what I’d want: 1) Things that…

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    The Perfect Portion Cookbook

    I recently received a copy of The Perfect Portion Cookbook to review. The Perfect Portion Cookbook includes 150 healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes with a 100-calorie portion system for counting calories and managing portion sizes. The website also offers helpful tips and videos.  As a new mom, I’m not into the “must immediately get pre-baby body back” attitude, but I really appreciate the simple, healthy takes on comfort food in this cookbook. It’s so refreshing to see mostly real, unprocessed food versus something like “three-ingredient protein pancakes” or a healthified version of rich food that uses non-fat, sugar-free “diet” ingredients. The familiar comfort food nature of the recipes offers a good base for making small…


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