preparing for tomorrow

Got the following newsletter from Time Management Ninja. Curious to see how I’m doing with regards to these preparation tactics.

What is 1 Thing You Could Do Today to Prepare for Tomorrow?

Change the time you get up (or go to bed) – Start the week well rested, not dragging.
Got up late today and have been puttering and cleaning, so I’ll probably go to sleep at 11:30 p.m.

Read 20 pages of a book – Learn something new.
Going to read Real Simple before going to bed.

Write in your success journal – Recognize where you have made progress.
I don’t have a success journal, but I do have a one-line-a-day one and I’ll write in it.

Clean up your desk – Give yourself space to be productive.
The piles of dishes, laundry, mail, papers, and prom centerpieces were driving me crazy so I spent a lot of time cleaning today. My “desk” is the corner of the kitchen counter.

Outline your big idea – Get that idea “out of your head” before it passes.
Didn’t do this.

Exercise – Exercise now, pumps up your productivity all week.
Went to soul.train Urban Flow Vinyasa Yoga.

Empty your inbox – Starting the week at inbox zero is powerful.
Totally not close 🙁

Pack your bag – Don’t scramble looking for things in the morning.
Done for lunch and work!

Review your calendar for the next 2 weeks – No surprise appointments.
Never thought about doing this before, but I did it and it makes me feel more organized about my schedule.

Groom your todo list – What needs to be done?
I’ve put my to-do items into Carrot. I’d like to get them organized into blocks in my Google Calendar as well…I’ll do that when I get up.

Do 1 task from your Someday-Maybe list – Keep it from being a Someday-Never list.
I shredded a ton of junk mail today. I’d been putting that off for a while, so it felt good to do it.

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