quiet coyote: modification

Reading Practice Perfect has inspired me to make every minute count in class. Lucky for me, I can also learn tips from my intern’s field advisor. She noticed him using the quiet coyote routine in class and suggested a few improvements to make it work faster.

Instead of waiting for the room to quiet down (one student sees the quiet coyote and then quiets down, and other students gradually notice), we will say “hands up, voices off, eyes on me” and have the students do all of those things to acknowledge the quieting down. I like it so far! I have incorporated follow up such as “I have Sally and Jimmy, but I need Fifi” or “Back row, I need your eyeballs.”

P.S. I am trying to blog more with shorter posts, just so I’m blogging more and getting ideas out there rather than waiting for the “perfect” time to post the “perfect” post with lots of pictures, links, and ideas. Those will come eventually, I hope.

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