random oddities from the week + the backpack problem

Student Oddities From the Week

Student: I want our school to have yellow hoodies. I’m already black! I want people to be able to see me.

Student: You shouldn’t honeymoon in Africa. You really don’t know how to run fast from the lions.

Student: When I have kids we’re going to play with LEGOs every month. And I’ll frame them so we can look at them.

[after hearing that they are only allowed to have bottled water in the room for IB exams]
Student 1: I need three bottles of water.
Me: [Student 1] must be really thirsty.
Me: [immediately realize the slang usage of “wanting someone really bad”]
Students: Oooooh! The thirst is real.

The Backpack Problem
I told a coworker that I wished I could run home from school like our former coworker used to. He replied that he would only run with a backpack if it had $5000 in it.

The math problem:
1) How much would the $5000 weigh? How long could you run with that?
2) What’s the maximum amount of cash that you would run 1 mile in? Run 5K in?


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