I have written about 20 recommendations this school year, so I thought I would share my “requestionnaire” for students. I ask them to answer these questions so that I can get to know them better and then write a more thorough recommendation. I have learned a lot more about my students through their requestionnaires!

Recommendation Request – College

At least three weeks before your application due date, please complete the following request.

Email your answers to Attach an updated copy of your resume. Make sure it includes school activities (sports, clubs, arts, etc.), awards (academic, athletic, fine & performing arts, community, etc.), and community organizations you are involved in.

1) Describe your college/career aspirations or goals. List all colleges to which you plan to apply.

2) List your numbers: G.P.A., SAT (Math, Critical Reading, Writing), SAT II, ACT.

3) List courses that you are currently enrolled in.

4) List courses you had with Ms. Buenafe [and new for 2013-2014: why you chose Ms. Buenafe to recommend you–did well in her class, math is your strong suit, Ms. Buenafe knows you well, etc]

5) Explain what you’ve learned from your experiences (employment, community organizations, after-school activities, community service projects, etc). What did these experiences mean to you? How did you grow and change as a result?

6) Please list something special or unique about you and explain (e.g. play musical instrument, reading, interests, hobbies, experiences, etc). What sets you apart from other JQUS students?

7) List three adjectives that describe you and explain why.

8) Write an example of a comment a teacher might make about you (not a report card comment).

9) Describe and explain one or more academic accomplishment(s) in which you take special pride.

10) Describe your family (occupation of parents, discuss siblings, and special circumstances).

After I approve your recommendation request, please add me as a recommender on Common App and send me any non-Common App recommendations you need.

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