SBG Retake Routine

I’m continuing to tweak my retake routine. I’ve progressed from manic end-of-quarter retake fests and poor retake habits to a smoother process.
  1. Receive email request that is 2+ days prior to the requested retake date, including evidence that the student has corrected their mistakes and studied. I did this to have a record of request, give myself more time to create a retake quiz, and avoid the score stagnation or score drops that come from lack of preparation.
  2. Mark email with “Retake” label. This also helps with documentation.
  3. Create retake quiz and name the file with the suffix “Retake # – [initials of students taking that version].” Example: “Unit 2, Quiz 4 (Skill #2e) – Retake 1 (SS, JJ, FF)” if Sally Smith, Joe Jonas, and Fifi Foster are taking it. I hand back graded retakes at the end of the week, so sometimes I do get to add more students to a version. For example, Sally and Joe might request on Monday for a Wednesday quiz and Fifi might request the same skill retake on that Wednesday for a Friday quiz. Then I can give Fifi the same version that Sally and Joe took and hand it all back to them on Friday.
  4. Add event using “Retakes” Google calendar (e.g., “Sally – 2e, 2f” at 11:26-11:49 for a lunch retake). Send student an event invite. This helps me document the retakes and remind the students to show up.

How do you conduct your retake routines? What suggestions do you have for mine?


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