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Smilo is a new local company founded by parents with backgrounds in medicine, science, and engineering. Smilo makes baby and toddler products such as bottles, pacifiers, and dishes. I received a newborn bundle and toddler accessories for review. My toddler son (born July 2015) and infant daughter (born April 2018) are enjoying the products so far!

The newborn bundle (in blue), came with a 3-pack of small bottles with Stage 0 and Stage 1 nipples, two bottle brushes, a 3-pack of newborn pacifiers, a 3-pack of pacifiers, a fabric clip and pacifier, and a baby blanket.

Bottles & Brushes:
Before we had our son, I registered for a set of Philips Avent bottles, a sterilizer, and bottle warmer on my Amazon registry. I wish I’d known back then to try a variety of bottles with him to see what fit him best (similar to how we held off on buying lots of one type of diapers until we found a brand that fit him well). The Philips bottles were okay, but we ended up trying a few other types until settling on Tommie Tippee (which were easy to clean, easy for baby to latch onto, and have an anti-colic valve).

My daughter isn’t yet taking a bottle because I haven’t returned to work, but I anticipate that Smilo bottles will work similarly well. According to the website, the Smilo “patented nipple design features a mom-like milk duct and leak-resistant vent, which work together to create a natural, uninterrupted flow that resembles breastfeeding. This minimizes air intake, taking pressure off of tiny tummies, mouths, and ears, which reduces colic, gas, and ear infections.” I appreciate that the bottles are BPA-free, light, and dishwasher-safe. Their distinctive color also stands out. I have used the bottle brushes for cleaning toddler water bottles, mini thermos, and cups, and they worked great. My son has also repurposed them as “microphones” during creative play.

Our son never took a pacifier (Soothie or Nuk) when he was an infant, and I was expecting that my daughter might not. The newborn pacifier has helped calm her down. The shape worked so much better than the Soothies did for our son. I appreciate that there are styles for different age ranges.

The day our daughter was born, our son learned how to climb out of the crib so we converted it to a toddler bed. He spotted the Smilo blanket from the bundle and declared that he wanted the “tars” (stars) for his “big boy bed.” He loves being tucked in at night and now wants our daughter to snuggle with him. It’s so soft, and the pattern is adorable. I wish it came in a bigger size!

Plates and Bowls:
I like the colors (orange, blue, purple, green). The lip on the edge of the plate helps food stay on (e.g., corn kernels, quinoa, berries).
I do have to remind myself to put them on the top rack of the dishwasher and to not microwave.

Snack Boxes:
These have been a hit with my son! At first he had a hard time taking the lid off, but now he handles it well in the stroller and car seat. We have put in Cheerios, cheddar bunnies, and trail mix so far. The preschool set seems to find them fascinating, as one of our son’s classmates pointed out “you can only bring new toys on show and tell day!” when he arrived eating Cheerios out of the red car. I labeled the boxes using Sharpie so that they wouldn’t get lost at show-and-tell.

The boats are also a hit during bath time. We have used them to combat bath aversion and lure our son into the tub. I especially like that they are easy to clean and won’t gather mold. No picture in actual bath to avoid future embarrassment 🙂

Bonus: our son has enjoyed using the boxes and bundle bag in creative play. He has played “guitar” on the longer boxes, likes moving the boxes into bags and into “pilos” (how he says “pile”).


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