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I went to Tufts University’s indoor track today to watch my fiance run in the alumni “Has Beens” mile in a meet against Coast Guard Academy, MIT, UMass Boston, and more. While waiting for his race to start, I watched various heats of the women’s and men’s mile. As the runners in heat 2 of the men’s mile sped by, I heard a kid behind me yell “Go Charles!” To my surprise, the Charles in question was one of my former students (JQUS ’12), now running for Bridgewater State University.

Former_student_ran_536_in_the_mile_today___Go_Chajuan__ Still learning how to take selfies; had to get out of the way of the 60m hurdles

He finished in 5:36.

That’s about a 2 minute improvement over what he was running for a one-mile loop around Boston Common two years ago…amazing! We caught up for a bit, and he introduced me to his coach and one of the teammates who has helped him improve so much this season. It was so wonderful to see him with his team. I’m so proud of him!

This is one of the great joys of being a teacher at JQUS. Our teachers love to create and advise after-school clubs (Advisory Student Council, Zumba, Chess Club, Recycling, Girls Group, ARTifacts, Cooking, and even Wrestling, which is a thriving varsity sports program competitive at the state level). As a pilot school, we have a requirement to work 50 more hours than regular Boston Public Schools teachers, but I think most of us end up devoting much more than that to the school community. In turn, we are rewarded with the joys of getting to know such awesome kids and to help them along their academic and extracurricular journeys. I didn’t get to teach Charles math at all during his time at JQUS, but I got to know him extremely well from the time I first joined Running Club to the last race he did with the team in June 2012. Lots of conversations happen over mile repeats on the Boston Common, runs along the Charles River, and strength training in the school. Well…maybe not during a tough mile repeat but certainly along the jog back to school 🙂 Additionally, though Running Club wasn’t an official varsity sport, it still provided him with experience and access to a collegiate sport. I hope we can continue bringing that experience and access to more of our students.

I’m looking forward to the return of Running Club this April!


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